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Coworking in Riga

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March 2021


The impact of the pandemic on the coworking space market can initially be assessed as negative. Unlike classic office tenants, who most often enter into 3-5 years long-term leases, coworking space clients often use daily or monthly subscriptions that are easy to terminate. Sharing an office with strangers in a pandemic can neither be perceived as the safest epidemiological solution.


Nevertheless, new premises entered the market in the turbulent 2020. And, following the global experience, with more companies moving to decentralized office space solutions and maintaining a semi-remote mode of operation, demand for coworking space could return and their growth could continue.


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Coworking in Riga

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Toms Andersons

Director | Research & Advisory


Working in the real estate and finance industry for more than 9 years. While working in the industry Toms, has gained wide spectrum of knowledge and extensive practical experience. Have been involved in development of numberless commercial, industrial and residential project business plans, as well has directed implementation of the largest real estate portfolio revaluation process in country. Currently working with research and advisory projects within all real estate sectors - feasibility studies, concept development projects and market research reporting.

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