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Renovated and improved storage room with ramps and shelving system.

The premises are located in the Left Bank of Riga, in the lower part of Imanta. The nearest public transport stop is Kurzemes Prospekts, a 7-minute walk away, where bus 4, 63 and tram 1 stops. Damme shopping center is in a 10-minute walk.

  • Warehouse for rent. If necessary, the premises can also offer offices and auxiliary rooms for employees.

  • The warehouse is divided into 2 sections and a loading/unloading area:

  • Section 1 is equipped with a storage rack system and a ceiling height of 12 meters. The room is heated with air blowers. One zero-level gate is installed in the room for loading and unloading. If necessary, you can rent a forklift. The total area of ​​the room is 2431 sq.m.

  • Between sections 1 and 2 is a loading/unloading area equipped with 6 docks. The premises have direct access to first-floor offices and auxiliary rooms with an area of ​​up to 252.6 square meters. The loading/unloading area does not include a heating system. The loading/unloading area with an area of ​​933.7 square meters is expected to be shared between two tenants, who would rent sections 1 and 2.

  • Section 2 with an area of ​​1700 sq m consists of two rooms equipped with warm air blowers. The available ceiling height of the warehouse is 6 meters. The premises will be repaired and include an additional 1 dock for loading/unloading heavy transport.

Characteristics of the premises:

  • Ceiling height - 6-12 meters

  • Shelf system in section 1 – included in the offer

  • Number of gates / ramps – 6 ramps and 1 gate

Utility payments according to meter readings
Management fee 0.50 Eur/m2 + VAT or if the tenant rents most of the warehouse, he can manage himself.