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Warehouse premises are divided into 2 sections and loading area.
1st section includes industrial racks and has 12-meter ceiling height. Premises are heated by air heaters. There are zero-level gates for loading/unloading. On application it is possible to rent out the forklift. Total size of the 1st section is 2431 sqm.
Between 1st and 2nd section of the warehouse there is loading area that includes 6 docks. Loading area includes direct access to the office premises and auxiliary space with the size of 252.6 sqm. This area does not include heating system. Loading area with the size of 933.7 sqm is planned to be split for tenants who would lease 1st and 2nd section.
2nd section with the size of 1700 sqm consists of 2 parts, that can be combined and includes air heaters. Clear ceiling height in the 2nd section reaches 6 meters. There is renovation project under planning. Additional, 1 dock is included in the 2nd section.

Premises are in between Imanta and Zasulauks neighborhoods. Warehouse is located 15–20-minute drive away to Riga International Airport, approximately 25 minutes’ drive away to Freeport of Riga and 20-minute drive away to Riga City Center


·        12-meter clear ceiling height in the 1st section and 6-meter clear ceiling height in the 2nd section

·        Total warehouse size reaches 5064.7 sqm

·        Total office size reaches up to 252.6 sqm

·        Size of auxiliary space reaches up to 200 sqm.

·        Premises are equipped with total of 7 docks and 1 zero-level gate

1st section includes racks and possibility to rent out a forklift.