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For Lease


Modern, heated warehouse in Ķekava with an accessible shelving system, shop and office spaces.

  • The property is located in Ķekava district, near Riga. Easy access from the nearby A7 road, which is part of the Via Baltica route connecting Finland to Central Europe via the Baltic States. The distance to the center of Riga and Riga Freeport is about 20 km, Riga International Airport is about 30 km away. The nearest town is Ķekava (2km), with 23,000 inhabitants.

  • Distance to the public transport stop: 200m

  • Distance to cafes and shops: 300m

Technical specification of the warehouse:

  • The warehouse consists of 2650m2 of storage area, 323.10m2 of unloading area and 250m2 of auxiliary premises for employees. Additionally, modern office space is available on the 2nd floor of the building: 264 m2. As well as commercial premises with their own facade entrance: 316 m2.

  • Ceiling height: 10.15 m;

  • Smooth, dust-free floors;

  • LED lighting;

  • Floor bearing capacity: 5 t/m2;

  • 3 ramps and 1 street level gate;

  • Autonomous, economical gas heating, or can be switched to pellet heating

  • The facade will be renovated in 2023;

  • There are 4,000 pallet spaces at the existing shelf system;

  • Premises available from February 2023.

Utility payments according to meter readings. Management fee: 0.5 EUR/m2
The indicated price is for the rent of a warehouse without racks. Use of racks: EUR 1500.00/month
Shop space prices 6.00 EUR/m2, office price: 12.00 EUR/m2, management fee for office 2.00 EUR/m2