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For Lease

€12.50 - €45


A-class office building at the very heart of Riga. Within a 5-minute walking distance to several hotels with conference facilities. A walk away from museums, theatres, and the fantastic Latvian National Opera House. A short walk from the newly developed Origo shopping centre and the historic Riga Central Market. Close to the Riga Central Railway Station. Served by all available public transportation and provides easy access to all city locations as well as around the country. Convenient connections to Riga International Airport.

  • 2 min walk to central train station

  • 5 min walk to Old Town

  • 5 min walk to Riga bus station

  • 20 minride to Riga airport

As of 2026, Rail Baltica will provide a fast rail connection between the Baltic capitals every two hours


Novira Plaza is a 7-floor A-class office building at the very heart of Riga, which serves as a meeting point for the eternal hustle and bustle of the city. Novira Plaza welcomes the business community to find world-class offices with striking views, elegant functionality, and a flair for the original. The building is a combintion of old and new. The large windows, attractive external and interior archidecture, and the best location in the city centre make Novira Plaza comletely unique. Luxurious lobbies strech across two floors and connect different parts of the building including restaurants and co-working spaces.

  • Our techical support offers solutions that are cost- and energy efficient.

  • A-class energy efficiency

  • BMS manages HVAC, indoor security, and water leakage

  • Aluminium facade with easy to open windows in every office

  • Air-conditioning with cooling beams 

  • LEED Gold certificate

  • Safe, comfortable, and private underground parking for tenants, and public parking for clients

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