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Kleistu 31 - #1
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There are available premises in Kleistu street 31 that consists of warehouse/production area, showroom, office space and outside area.
Warehouse/production area with the size of 1105 sqm that was used for car service and includes 4 zero-level gates. Near the warehouse there is a washing station for cleaning cars with the size of 59 sqm that includes direct water supply and sewerage system.
Showroom consists of 683.3 sqm. 2nd floor office space is up to 535.4 sqm. Outside area has the total of 350 parking spaces.

Premises are in Imanta near Rigas Satiksmes buildings. The building is 20-minute drive away to Riga International Airport, 23-minute drive away to Riga Freeport and 21 minute drive away to city center of Riga.


·        Showroom with the size of 683.3 sqm

·        Warehouse size up to 1105 sqm and includes 4 zero-level gates

·        Office and auxiliary space on the 2nd floor up to 535.4 sqm

·        Outside area includes 350 parking spaces

·        All premises include heating system