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For Lease


Storage rooms with shelving system and ground level gate.

The premises are located in Imanta. The territory can be accessed from Buļļu and Kleistu streets. The nearest public transport stops are bus 39 and 56 (Kleistu Street) as well as bus 13 and 36 (Gaiļi).

Warehouse premises are for rent, which includes a shed for loading/unloading and a small auxiliary space in the total area of ​​the offer. In addition, it is possible to rent an outdoor area for 0.70 Eur/m2 + VAT with an area of ​​up to 2500 m2. If necessary, there is a possibility to rent office space in the area up to 636 m2.

  • The ceiling height in the warehouse is 6 meters

  • Video surveillance in the territory

  • Number of gates / ramps – 2 gates

Utility payments according to meter readings.
Management fee, 0.50 EUR/m2 + VAT.