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B-class building with modern features - #1
B-class building with modern features - #2


The property is located just 5 km away from the city centre. The area around Astras Biroji is well serviced by public transport with bus and trolley routes travelling regularly along streets in the immediate vicinity.


Class: B; Total area: 7 057 m2; Leasable area: 6 670 m2; Number of storeys: 8; Parking lots: 190; Year of commissioning: 2006.

Astras biroji is a B1 class office building characterised by modern architectural features and free storey planning. The complex can be freely observed from the main streets of the district – A. Deglava St. and Dzelzavas St. It can be easily accessed with both private and public transport. Astras Biroji provides additional services to their Tenants such as conference halls, a cafeteria and more.


Situated on a fast developing city commercial zone
Quick and easy access to main districts around traffic congestion
New-fashioned architectonic solutions
Standard decoration design
Efficient large open floor up to 1044 m2
Ceiling high up to 3.2 m


Rent rate 9,00 EUR/m2/per month + VAT