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Which offices are worth returning to work in?


Despite the introduction of remote work, the role of offices in attracting new employees is increasing, employees appreciate a high-quality and comfortable work environment. In addition, the office reflects the company's culture, the place where it is created and strengthened.

During the pandemic, a whole generation of employees who have never worked in an office has emerged. It has become extremely difficult to motivate these people to work in person in the office. At the same time, they are the ones who especially need the presence in the office – to absorb company values, participate in the trainings, practice successful teamwork and develop the career. If a new employee does not develop a bond to the company, its culture and team, the risk that he or she will leave to work elsewhere with higher pay after six months is very high.

Therefore, today's office should be transformed into a kind of gathering place, as the center of social life (often called "hub"). This does not mean that the office is intended only for entertainment, but that communication, exchange of information, experience, training and events should take place in the office. In this case an office has the potential to become a magnet.

At the same time, every company must develop a good, balanced plan, because during the eight working hours there are mutual contacts, meetings, phone calls, undeniably - also individual work that requires concentration. If the functional areas in the office are created correctly and in a balanced way, the possibility that people will visit office more often and would want to stay there, will increase. It will be especially appreciated by those who do not have comfortable working conditions at home. A comfortable office outweighs the inconvenience caused by the time and resources spent on the way to the workplace.

Those companies that plan to change their work environment should dig deeper and understand why employees come and want to stay in the office, what is good about the existing premises, what is missing there. Company management have to think and plan how to balance it all and how the given situation can be turned and used by the company for its own good. Otherwise, investing in new or improved facilities will be money down the drain.

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Olga Mihailova

Associate Director | Office Agency & Workplace Advisory


I have joined Colliers International  team in September 2016 and started my professional journey  with office segment  Landlord Representation within brokerage department. Currently I am supporting office cleints - both Landlords and Tenants, helping them to make best out of their premises.

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