On 25 April a new Costa Coffee café opened in the historic building at 11 Kr. Barona iela. The premises were leased with the help of Colliers International, after which the building owners carried out an extensive reconstruction of the premises provided to the lessee.

Co-owner and Reconstruction Project Manager Nikolajs Karlsons says: “The last time the premises were reconstructed was in the 1990s. Now, the repeated reconstruction was necessary to adjust the premises to modern needs and make them comfortable and to improve the visual appearance of the façade”.

Co-owner Aleksis Karlsons says: “Our goal is to ensure that this part of Kr. Barona iela is attractive to residents of the house, visitors, and passers-by. Of course, we look forward to the long-term development – we have already been there for more than 115 years! That is why we are so fastidious when selecting the profiles that form the first, commercial, floor. We are very pleased with the cooperation with Costa Coffee Café and Colliers consultants, since the entry of such high-quality brands promotes a positive development of the neighbourhood”.

The building at 11 Kr. Barona iela was the very first to have private property rights restored by the legal heirs after the restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia in 1991. Since then, this building and the building located at 7/9 Kr. Barona have been gradually restored.

Comment of Costa Coffee:

This is the first café with an Atlas Berry design concept in Latvia, equipped in accordance with all the new requirements and accessible for people with disabilities. Costa Coffee is home to excellent coffee, which represents 40 years of global experience, mastery and love for our work. We are grateful to the owners of the building who took care of the maximum convenience and comfort for the guests of Costa Coffee.