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Anna Avdejeva | Colliers | Riga

Anna Avdejeva

Associate director | Real Estate Management

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Professional Summary

Administration of commercial real estate including offices and shopping centers;

Managing on behalf of the owner;

Managing tenants (tenants finding, screening, handling lease agreements, handling complaints/emergencies, handling move outs, dealing wiith evictions);

Responsible for Rent;

Responsible for Maintenance and Repairs;

Responsible for Knowledge of Landlord-Tenant Law;

Responsible for Supervising;


Experience, entrepreneurial success and financial stability.


Year 2006-2010 - ISMA, Latvia (Information system management academy).

4 years education - bachelor degree in Enterprising / Business Management.

 2 years education (Year 2006-2008) - Real estate management.


Largest international and local companies. 


Service Lines

Real Estate Management Services

Property Type

Office, Retail

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