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Nuwar Babelian | Colliers | Luxembourg

Nuwar Babelian

Architect / Interior Designer

License # Senior Architect and Interior Designer

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Professional Summary

Nuwar is graduated as both  Architect and Senior Interior Designer, and is in charge of the Design Department by Colliers Luxembourg.

Her education allows her to intervene at several stages of a project like for KBL and Safra in the New way of Working design and clients hosting concept, or for KPMG to take in charge the Commissioning of the building after construction.

Nuwar has extensive experience in both Building and Interior Design.

Nuwar takes the responsibility of:

  • The drawings control (layers structure, update, and modification, versions control, congruence between the drawings from the different parties (architect, M&E engineer, structural engineer, contractors)) and drawings gathering procedure
  • The areas measurement (net/gross ratio, emergency ways according to the law and the base occupation density assumption, space flexibility for tenant space‐planning, shafts dimensions and availability for landlord potential future needs and/or tenants M&E inclusion,  ..).
  • Concept design and detailed plans using a variety of software like Revit, 3Ds Max , Autocad and Photoshop
  • Project management 

Main last Logistics assignments:

  • JAGUAR LAND ROVER: Plans control for Tenant Representation for a 30,000 sqm warehouse site in Metz (France);
  • Offices concept design and space planning for 700 sqm, preparing tender documents, details and tailor-made plans for furniture.

Projects in Damascus:

  • Administrative buildings concept and detailed plans(Won the third price in Damascus and greeting from the interior minister)
  • Hospital building concept and detailed plans for Red Cross
  • Pharmacy interior design

Projects in Dubai:

  •  Alaska part: from 300 artificial islands on Arab Gulf water.
  • waterfront tower project: (Façade Design Collaboration)
  • Godiva shop: interior design
  • Segafredo: coffee shop interior and exterior design
  • Sony offices & showroom: competition concept

Projects in Paris:

  • Steel stand (Culture acier national competition): Won the first price in France.
  • Retail and office projects concept design
  • Corporate restaurant design and materials
  • Chelles Towers (3D modeling and Collaboration for building design).
  • Steel design: Building’s exterior façades, railings, interior façades: pattern design and detailed plans.



  • KPMG: Commissioning of the building after construction HQ of 24,000 sqm;
  • KBL bank: Capacity plans and implementation sketches for different departments in 2 buildings of 5 floors and a tower of 11 floor.
  • KBL bank:  The concept of New way of Working design and hosting concept for ultra-wealth clients, preparing tendering documents, all details and tailor-made furniture plans.
  • Office Design Concept for IT department in Bertrange, close to Luxembourg city;
  • CORPUS SIREO: renovation plans and Showroom Concept design for 3,000 sqm office building prime located in Luxembourg city;
  • SAFRA BANK: Office Space planning for 5,000 sqm office building prime located in Luxembourg City;
  • SAFRA BANK Client hosting concept for 700 sqm in noble materials (marble, wood, leather coats)
  • FM GLOBAL: Space planning and concept design for Post BREXIT tenant   for 1,200 sqm of office premises prime located in Luxembourg City;
  • 291 Route d’arlon: Concept design for Entrance Hall, Building façade renovation, Exterior parking for many tenants.
  • ELECTROLUX: Space planning and concept design for tenant representation for 1,300 sqm of office premises and national show room prime located in Luxembourg City
  • ARES: Space planning and concept design for tenant representation for 600 sqm
  • INGERSOL RAND: Space planning and concept design for tenant representation for 300 sqm, Furniture choice, studying colors and materials, Assistance in project management
  • SOPRABANK: Offices space planning

Conceptual projects in Luxembourg:

  • Fortress: space planning and design concept for 450 sqm offices
  • VERTIGO: Interior Hall Concept Design, Pergola Proposal, Exterior façade lighting study.
  • WS village: Entrance hall concept design
  • HEXZONE: Relaxation object design for coffee corners


  • Space concept design (Exterior, interior) building & Object design
  • Good collaboration with the client by understanding their requirements, finding solutions and presenting both the right and attractive ideas.
  • Sites visits and plans control, collaboration with tenderer.
  • Urban design (construction ratio)
  • Colors, materials and furniture range of options
  • Software drawing design: 3Ds max, Autocad, Revit, Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Graphic design (presentations, images, logos)
  • Hand Drawings and sketches.


Nuwar has the following graduations / certifications:

  • Master M1 in Interior Architecture and Fine Art, ESAM university Paris (2010-2012)
  • 3ds max, Autocad, photoshop courses (2006-2008)
  • Master in Architecture (Bac+5), Damascus university, (2000-2005)
  •  Bac science (1999-2000)



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