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Colliers Hotel Insights | Q3 2020

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A quarterly digest of key trends in the hospitality sector

The hotel industry has been hit exceptionally hard by COVID-19; both global and domestic travel have come to a halt while major business and sporting events have been deferred or cancelled.

Some promising signs of recovery are being witnessed in China and South Korea as they have been successful in managing the effects of COVID-19. This sheds light on the potential recovery path for other markets.
As the world slowly recovers, and countries gradually lifting their travel restrictions, hoteliers are now preparing to re-open their properties. The recovery will vary across properties as it depends on various factors: location, economic conditions, demand profile, chain scale, extent of the opening of the travel market, and the effectiveness of containment measures amongst others.

In this issue, we look at:

  • What to expect for the hotel industry as markets start to recover
  • Which destinations and market segments will recover first and why
  • Potential risk factors
  • Travel trends going forward
  • What to do to prepare for hotels re-opening

Please contact Govinda Singh for further market insights and in-depth discussions on key trends and opportunities across the Asia hospitality sector.


Colliers Hotel Insights | Q3 2020

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