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The Next Work Experience

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Colliers APAC Occupier Services - The next work experience

As offices reopen, it's clear the workplace as we once knew it, has evolved.

Following our insights from The Work-from-home experience in Asia Pacific, we conducted another survey in late 2020 to understand how the previous six months had affected remote working perceptions, staff productivity and operational effectiveness.

In this report, we look at our survey findings through the lens of Work3 | The Future of Work, and explore some actions that organisations can take to prepare for work as offices reopen.

Key takeaways:

  • Across APAC, people have started to return to work but the former work experience has evolved
  • The right technical and managerial support can foster individual productivity anywhere
  • When people interact, collaboration, creativity and relationships thrive
  • Space and privacy are fundamental challenges to working from home
  • Isolation fatigue is real and hinders long-term growth
  • Flexibility is the new foundation of the new work experience

Download the report below to find out more. Contact our experts Truddy CheungSam Harvey-Jones, Doug Henry, Abhishek Bajpai or Michael Bowens to find out how we can help you accelerate your business success today.

The Next Work Experience

Download Report