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Korea Office Tenant Leasing Guide | 2020

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Our Leasing Guide will help you make timely real estate decisions that create value in Korea


As we mark our 25th anniversary in Korea, Colliers International is pleased to introduce our Office Tenant Leasing Guide. South Korea is an extraordinary country. It’s fascinating history stretches back thousands of years. On the real estate front, Seoul, the capital, is very diverse. It is comprised of everything from ancient palaces to ultra-modern, prime grade buildings - an exciting mix of old and new. Korean real estate practices, like elements of the local culture, can be quite unique.


We have created this essential step-by-step guide to help you make timely real estate decisions that create value for your business in Korea and support operational objectives. By harnessing our leasing experts’ knowledge and experience across Seoul, we enable seamless transition with minimum disruptions to your business.

Our detailed leasing guide includes the following:


  • Seoul overview: One of the most unique cities in Asia
  • Information on local market practices including leasing terminology and guidelines
  • Information on the leasing process: “Four steps to business productivity”
  • How to prepare for a real estate transaction, including a simple checklist


Please contact Robert Wilkinson, Jay Cho and Suah Baek about the guide and opportunities in Korea.


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Korea Office Tenant Leasing Guide | 2020

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Related Experts

Robert Wilkinson

Managing Director


As Managing Director of Colliers International, Rob is responsible for the strategic direction of the Korea business, to lead the growth and diversification initiatives and develop leadership talent. He oversees all service lines as well as shared services including investment sales, office leasing, project management, valuation and advisory, research, marketing and communications, human resources and finance.

Rob is also a member of the Colliers International Asia Leadership team.

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Jay Cho

Senior Director

Office & Industrial Services


Jay is currently the Head of Colliers’ Office & Industrial Services team in Korea. he has over 17 years of real estate market experience in Seoul for many years he has been focused on Office & Industrial Services. Strong experience in working on a range of both Korean domestic firms. With a proven track record in real estate field as a Senior director, He has successfully nurtured and developed lasting business relationships with a wide range of clients from institutional investors to individual landlords, developers and local conglomerates. Based on the well-maintained relationships, he has successfully closed multiple deals with various projects as indicated on the right, including financial services clients.

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Suah Baek


Office Services


Suah is currently an Associate Director of Colliers International Korea Office Services team. Suah has 10+ years of commercial real estate market experience in Korea.

Having an extensive experience on both the tenant and landlord sides in Korea office market, she is well-versed in leases and local lease practices. Suah has an excellent negotiation skill of fine-tuning the two parties' difference of interests based on a solid understanding of both.

She provides clients with pertinent information on current market conditions and knows how to work effectively across internal and external project partners aiming the best interests of the client.

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