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Be Enterprising: Kay Jeoung, Associate Director, Office Services

Being enterprising has always been his number one priority. We sat down with Kay to hear how he motivates himself to stand out as a broker in the real estate industry. Take five minutes to learn more about him.


‘The Korea Office Services team had many great achievements in 2020. I believe our success can be attributed to the team understanding the value of our business and collaborating to achieve results. I always encourage the team to be proactive in delivering our business experts’ insights to accelerate the success of our clients and people,’ said Kay Jeoung, an Associate Director on our Office Services team in Seoul, Korea.


Kay's inspiring story demonstrates that being enterprising has always been his number one priority. Kay is an enterprising leader, and he and his team are here to offer solutions to clients to help them return to work. Now, change is a given and there are still many uncertainties; we sat down with Kay to hear how he motivates himself to stand out as broker in the real estate industry. Take five minutes to learn more about him.


  • How long have you worked in the real estate industry and how did you come to join Colliers?

I first started my career in general marketing. However, I was introduced to the real estate industry by a friend and have now worked happily as an Office Leasing Consultant for the last 15 years. Before joining Colliers, I had positions in office leasing teams at JLL, Savills, Cushman & Wakefield and other real estate consulting companies.  My main responsibility is to help our clients from national and multi-national companies accelerate their success through office leasing. With many years of relevant professional experience under my belt, I have gained valuable insights into the real estate industry and have developed techniques for successful negotiation. 


  • Since joining Colliers, what have you found most enterprising?

When working in real estate, knowledge and experience are essential. However, I believe that a strong network of relationships and passion for the industry are also very important. In our team, I like to focus on operational management to establish fluid communication between our team members. If there is ever a problem, we all try to resolve the issue by having a positive attitude and sharing our knowledge through communication.  Not only do we report on the situation, but we also focus on setting up a plan to solve the issue and act with an enterprising mindset, which has helped us achieve impressive results.


  • As we are approaching the end of the year, what opportunities are you seeing in the market for 2021?

Although COVID-19 has presented us with challenges, I believe that taking a proactive approach and adapting our strategies for next year will produce positive outcomes.  Finding new ways to improve and considering the perspectives of our clients is key to success. For example, we should seek to understand their current goals so that we can present them with appropriate solutions; this will also help us attract new clients. Colliers’ Office Leasing Team was appointed as the landlord representative agency for several buildings this year, and our goal for next year is to expand Colliers’ brand awareness locally by establishing a firmer position amongst our competitors.