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Be Enterprising: Judy Jang, Associate Director, Research

‘We always see the opportunity to be enterprising to exceed expectations at Colliers.’ Her inspiring story demonstrates how she stands out as an expert in the market. Take five minutes to learn more about her.

‘At Colliers, I am empowered to be an expert. The network and industry knowledge I have developed through my experience have also contributed to the development of the Colliers Korean team. The market reports I write are requested by many clients to help them better understand the current market in Seoul; this not only adds value to our clients but also enhances our brand and value proposition for Colliers in Korea,’ said Judy Jang, an Associate Director on our Research team in Seoul, Korea.


‘We always see the opportunity to be enterprising to exceed expectations at Colliers.’ For Judy Jang, an enterprising market leader, her passion for the real estate industry as a researcher allows her to deliver enduring value to our clients by offering her expertise on the latest trends and her own market insights. Her inspiring story demonstrates how she stands out as an expert in the market. Take five minutes to learn more about her.


  • Can you share a little bit about yourself and explain your career experience?

    After more than six years of experience in IT, as my interest in commercial real estate grew, I completed my Master's degree in Real estate Development and Investment at the University of Denver, USA. Since then, I have been working in the real estate industry for 13 years. I have mostly focused on research for the last 10 years, gaining experience in commercial real estate management at domestic and multinational real estate investment companies. Since 2018, I have been leading the Research team at Colliers Korea.


  • What attracted you to work for Colliers?

    I wanted to get away from writing static market analysis reports and to increase my contact with clients. I also liked Colliers' dynamic and flexible corporate culture, which is similar to that of the IT corporate culture. Colliers stands out among the traditionally conservative financial and real estate firms as being more enterprising. In Korea, Colliers is going through a period of growth, so I believe that the company will also provide more opportunities for my career development. As Robert Wilkinson, our Managing Director says, “Now is an exciting time to be at Colliers!”


  • As a research expert, what has been the most challenging part of your work so far? 

    Understanding market data and using proper analysis to make forecasts are fundamental to making real estate investment and rental decisions.

    The best part of my job is witnessing my knowledge help our valued clients to make strategic decisions that accelerate their success. The Seoul market is very dynamic and constantly changing, so the biggest challenge (but also the most exciting part) is keeping up with market trends. Fortunately, we have a great team that is on the pulse of all the trends and latest developments in the market and in the industry in general.


  • What opportunities are you seeing in the market?

As the number of foreign investors and indirect investment institutions, such as REITs, have shown increased interest in the Korean commercial real estate market, the importance of objective analysis of real estate investment products and market research has increased. More and more, we are seeing securities firms and asset management companies setting up their own in-house dedicated research divisions and/or hiring analytical firms exclusively for commercial real estate investment analysis. As the market becomes more and more crowded as well as more competitive, there is an increased focus on analytics and research to uncover the best investment opportunities. The importance of research experts in the Korean real estate market is expected to continue to increase dramatically. This is exciting for people like me who focus on this sector of the industry! 


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Judy Jang




Judy Jang has joined Colliers Korea as Associate Director of Research & Advisory Services in March 2018. 
She is responsible for research outputs and play a major role to drive a more client-oriented research approach to support business win rate.

Judy has over 15 years of experience in real estate business and 6 years in IT industry. Prior to joining Colliers, she has served as a Head of Research for 7 years in Cushman & Wakefield Korea. She also had worked at Golden Bridge Property Management (Vanguarz Asset), Polaris HQ, LAN bird Technology Company, and Alibaba Korea.


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