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Be Enterprising: Harold Lee, Senior Director, Capital Markets & Investment Services | Part 2

“What sets us apart is our people.” With more than a decade of experience in the Korean and overseas capital and investment markets, Harold Lee has a wealth of real estate expertise to maximise the potential of property for his clients – especially in Korea’s fast-paced real estate market. Take a few minutes to get to know Harold by reading his blog part2


  • Investors have poured substantial amounts of capital into Korean real estate. What's so appealing about the local market?

    During COVID-019, Korea has been one of the few countries where the commercial real estate market has remained solid. The Korean real estate market is transparent and very liquid. Investors may also take advantage of leverage due to the low-interest rate environment.

  • What is your take on the real estate investment sales outlook in Korea, and what are some opportunities for investors to uncover?

    I believe that this year will be a good year for investors looking to sell their properties. As I said before, there are still a large number of investors searching for investment opportunities, but I am not sure the low-interest rate will continue in the coming year. So, if there are investors who want to exit this year, it may be a good time. Korea is second only to China in terms of the massive growth of the e-commerce sector in the last few years. So, the industrial and logistics sector should be a major focus for investors in Korea.

  • How do you invest in relationships to build a strong connection with your clients?

    Understanding my clients’ needs and communicating with investors regularly is how I build strong relationships with my clients. Firstly, it is important to me that my clients trust me, which means that I need to keep myself up-to-date on the real estate industry and offer unique opportunities to my clients that they would not find elsewhere. Secondly, given the current climate, we are all now so used to digital communication; however, I still strongly believe face-to-face meetings are key to building strong and powerful relationships with my clients.

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Harold Lee

Senior Director

Capital Markets & Investment Services


Harold Lee has been active in the Korea and Overseas capital & investment sector for over 14 years and his professional experience in the market includes real estates and other real assets.

Prior to joining Colliers, He was a managing director at investment banking group of Hana Financial Investment where he played a key role in growing Hana's overseas real estate business. He led over $1 billion of real estate transactions globally.

Before joining Hana, he was a portfolio manager at major asset management companies in Korea such as Korea Investment Management and DB Asset Management, where he was responsible for managing funds with combined AUM of over $1 billion with a focus on overseas investments.

He was also a director of Financial Advisory Services division of Deloitte Korea where he advised Korean institutional investors on their overseas alternative investments including real estates.

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