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Meet our Expert: Takuto Kaimori | Executive Director, Capital Markets

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I find it rewarding to work at Colliers where I can collaborate with talented people who have great expertise and positive orientation.


Meet Takuto Kaimori, a brokerage expert who has established himself as a high performer in Colliers' Capital Markets in his first year since joining the company. Takuto was awarded the "Spirit of Enterprise Award" for his significant impact on Colliers’ Asia Pacific performance in 2022. He spends his free time improving his English and playing golf.

Why do you work at Colliers?
I decided to join Colliers because of the company’s enterprising spirit, which I also consider one of my personal values. Colliers has many talented people with great industry expertise and positive orientation. I find it rewarding to work at Colliers every day, where I can collaborate with such people.
I was also inspired by APAC CEO’s John Kenny's speech at the end of last year when he and APAC COO, Sam Harvey-Jones, visited Japan. In particular, he said, "Every day when I wake up in the morning, I tell myself, "I haven't done my best work yet, I can do better. Then I focus on clients all day and at the end of the day I think, "I did a good job today, I can do a better job tomorrow."  John's approach to his work was very inspiring for me.
In February, I will travel on a business trip to Singapore. I have started studying English so that I can communicate with Colliers' colleagues overseas in English.

Please briefly explain the work of a Capital Markets & Investment Services broker.
I believe that it is important not only to meet the needs of our clients, but also how we can add value to those needs. To this end, team power is crucial. We need to leverage the strengths of each team member while ensuring that our clients choose us based on a comprehensive team effort.
Having been exposed to the culture at Colliers, where people communicate with each other respectfully regardless of position, I now value the abilities and individuality of my team members and try more than ever before and to manage each person with respect.
I joined Colliers last January and have focused on sales brokerage. In the future, I would like to collaborate with other teams and take on new business challenges.

What are your passions outside of Colliers?
I love physical activities, such as playing golf, snowboarding, climbing Mt. Fuji, and going to the gym. I especially believe that golf is a sport that allows me to build good relationships with people internally and externally. This year, I would like to expand my golfing community by taking on a few more opportunities to play golf.

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