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Meet our Expert: Ai Nakagawa | Associate Director, Tenant Representation


The best part of interacting with my clients is establishing long-term relationships.


Meet Ai Nakagawa, born in Japan and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who sees herself as a conduit to bring people of different backgrounds and cultures together. She has provided advisory services to hundreds of start-ups as well as global Fortune 500 companies for office space in Japan and overseas.

Ai has 20 years of business experience, spanning marketing, sales and management for the real estate, hospitality, and technology sectors. 
In the real estate industry, she has a combined 12 years’ experience, including nine years of sales and management experience in the co-working and flexible workspace segment, and over three years’ experience in the Tenant Representation division at Colliers.


Why do you work at Colliers?

Colliers is a reputable and trusted brand internationally. At Colliers, I have an opportunity to leverage a strong global network of knowledgeable experts to add value and drive results for our clients. There are 17,000 employees across the globe, and I am empowered to collaborate with industry leaders to build the best teams across multiple business lines to drive exceptional results for our clients. If you are tenacious,  there are many opportunities to continually grow as an advisor and work on inbound and outbound work. On the client side, I have been able to build some amazing relationships with my clients and I hope to continue adding value as their business evolves. 

I have a strong “enterprising spirit” and have been searching for a company that allows me the freedom and flexibility to build a career that works for me. Colliers’ core culture,  which encourages an enterprising mindset, fits both my workstyle and mentality.

Please briefly explain what Tenant Representation is.

As a tenant representative, I support tenants by guiding them through a structured and logical leasing process, ensuring they have the necessary information to make the best real estate decisions for their business. The tenant representation service involves providing the right strategy and information to protect the interest of the tenant. The Japanese real estate industry in particular has its own country-specific practices and cultural nuances that require insider knowledge and perspective.

What is a typical day like for you?

Each day is different, but usually I start my day early by connecting with my clients or colleagues around the world. Mornings are an important time for me to align on time- sensitive projects to ensure everything is on track.

Throughout the day, I follow up with my global clients and go over all their real estate needs. I collect the latest market information through various sources, be it internal stakeholders, landlords, or partners, and help to develop a strategy. Careful orchestration and close communication with all stakeholders are key to success. The best part of interacting with my clients is establishing long-term relationships.

I support existing clients, but I also devote some time to business development to generate new opportunities.

What are your passions outside of Colliers?

Outside of work I am actively involved in volunteer activities, such as at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations, helping foreign and Japanese communities. When I was in university, there was a memorial garden named after Nitobe Inazo, a gentleman who dedicated his life being a “Kakehashi” (bridge), bringing people of different backgrounds and cultures together. Similarly,  I hope that I can make a positive impact supporting people. 


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Ai brings over 16 years of working experience covering marketing, sales and management in the real estate, technology, travel and hospitality industries.

With extensive experience in the flexible workspace industry, Ai has helped hundreds of start-ups to global fortune 500 companies with advisory services for office space requirements in Japan and overseas.     

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