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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Italian Hotel Market

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Colliers International is working hard to support clients in their decision making with recommendations and advice to make the best out of what is currently a difficult situation and a challenging market. In Italy, our hotels & leisure experts have produced a report on the local market which considers three possible recovery scenarios based on two main variables: the country’s dependence on international tourism and on air travel.

Europe | Impact of national and international travellers on coutries recovery

The impact that covid-19 will have on the national economy depends on two factors: a) the size of the tourism sector as a whole; b) the country’s dependence on foreign tourists. Countries that strongly depend on international travellers will be suffering economically. As a result, countries with a significant amount of domestic tourism are better off in this situation. Once covid-19 measures are eased, domestic tourism will recover much faster than cross-border tourism. Italy recorded about 429 million of stays composed by an equal percentage of domestic and international flows. Tourism represented about 5% of GDP (direct contribution only, but more than 13% if we also consider indirect and induced contribution). It means that Italy risks facing a prolonged recovery.

Europe | Impact of air or car-based travel

As international air travel is curtailed, markets more prone to demand from international air travel are most likely most exposed to a sharp downturn. Markets that can function on domestic car-based travel are probably the most resilient. There is, of course, a significant seasonality element to factor in here. If the covid-19 virus can be controlled over the next quarter, then the European summer season destinations could recover. If the covid-19 virus is controlled, but travel remains restricted within borders, then countries that are driven more by car-based, domestic tourism are likely to be more resilient locations for business.

Italy | Possible Future Scenarios

In three months, it will be summer season. If the virus is not stable or under control at that time, then the consequences will be even more significant for the tourism industry and the world economy since summer is the most profitable season, especially for Italy.

Download our report where we analyse three different recovery scenarios:

1. Stable before June
2. Under control after the Summer
3. Under control from 2021

Download the report

Are you interested in other European markets? Download our Q&A

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Sara Bindo

Hotels & Leisure


Sara Bindo joined Colliers Italia in 2017, initially as Research Analyst in the Research Department, participating in numerous projects on the Rome office market and the hotel asset class.

From 2018 onwards, she joined the Hotels & Leisure team at Colliers Rome office. Her expertise predominantly focuses on the Hospitality sector, and in the area of Advisory in particular.

Before embarking on her professional career in real estate, she obtained a PhD in Planning at Rome’s Sapienza University and subsequently specialised further with a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Management from the Milan Polytechnic.


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Marco Comensoli

Head of Hotels & Leisure | Italy


Responsible for advisory and transactional services for the Hotels & Leisure department in Italy, he helps investors in improving the performance of their hotels portfolio and searching (and creating) new hospitality opportunities.

In his previous roles in Italy, he was the Country Director for Luxury Hotel Partners Ltd, a company specialised in luxury hotel consulting and earlier Senior Hospitality Consultant for Advisor Hotels & Tourism working with a number of high profile, international luxury hotel companies and independent properties. In Dubai, as Group Development Director for the hospitality division of Zabeel Investments, he was in charge of expanding the group’s portfolio.

A graduate of the Glion Hotel School in Switzerland, Marco has worked operationally at a number of international properties including the Boca Raton Resort and Club in the US and Hotel Saratz in Switzerland.

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Simone Roberti

Head of Research


Simone, as Head of Research in Italy, analyses the Italian real estate market in order to support the different business lines. The aim is to support the clients' choices in their investment and disposal decisions through data, analysis and forecasts.

Moreover, various market reports are realised on the different products, asset classes and locations, also in collaboration with the other Colliers research departments.

Finally, Simone is a member of the “Research” INREV Committee since January 2021.

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