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Market insight is the essential ingredient in all of the services we offer. Our Market Research department is not just a data collector of the real estate market but realises an activity of analysis for our strategies and our clients. Indeed, we want to help them in their investment strategies.

The strong experience of our team allows us to analyse some asset classes, out of the offices and retail, that we believe having high potential such us healthcare and the hotels, just to mention two of them. Understanding the past and the present, we have the capabilities to understand the drivers to help our clients.

These unique elements permit ourselves to support and go along our clients, in Italy and abroad, helping them to understand the Italian real estate market and take critical decisions for their business’s future.

Featured Research

Italy | INVESTMENT Q3 2018

In Q3 2018 the investment volume achieved the best ever result equalling € 1.6 billion, a 7% increase compared to the same period of 2017.

Milan | OFFICE Q3 2018

During the first three quarters of 2018, take-up volume exceeded by 5,000 sqm the 5-year average.

Rome | OFFICE Q3 2018

With a take-up volume stopping below 28,000 sqm (-51% compared to the Q3 2017), the result of this third quarter of 2018 brings the annual total to 113,000 sqm since the beginning of the year, a decline of 13% compared to the same period of the past year.

hotel market 2018
Italy Hotel Market | Snapshot October 2018

In conjunction with the higher volumes invested in Italy, interest in the hotel sector grew to an even greater extent in 2015-2017, accounting for 13% of the market, mainly for two reasons.

Italy | INVESTMENT Q2 2018

The 2017 results had sparked hope, or rather createci the illusion, that the ltalian real estate market was more active, approaching the levels of other more mature European markets.

Milan | OFFICE Q2 2018

Take-up of office space in the first half of 2018 amounted to approximately 200,000 sqm, only 3% less than the same period of 2017.

Rome | OFFICE Q2 2018

With 85,000 sqm in transactions, the take-up volume during the first half of the year is a record result for the last five years (2014-2018), achieved thanks to a very active second quarter (over 63,000 sqm).

investment q1
Italy | INVESTMENT Q1 2018

A soft start after a sparkling year. Finding new products is becoming harder, but the liquidity in the market remains high 

investment 2017
Italy | INVESTMENT 2017

For the third year in a row, the volume of investments has set a new record for the last 10 years.

office milan 2017
Milan | OFFICE 2017

The absorption of directional spaces in 2017 recorded a record volume of approximately 340,000 square meters, an increase of 16% compared to 2016.

office rome 2017
Rome | OFFICE 2017

In 2017, the 200,000 square meters of office space were exceeded (220,000 square meters for accuracy), a value never reached in the last ten years.


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