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Giovanni Viggiani | Colliers | Milan

Giovanni Viggiani

Property Manager

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Professional Summary


1 October 2007  - Present - At First Atlantic Real Estate Spa (now Innovation RE Spa) - Property Management activity

From 2006 to September 30, 2007 at Yard Valtech, as a result of the business unit acquisition - Tasks similar to those undertaken at Valtech srl.

From 1992 to 2006 at Valtech srl - Tasks similar to those undertaken at CB Richard Ellis S.p.A.;  Valuation services; Building and Plant machinery valuation. Participation in the course of professional insurance training IFA / ANFRA - Milano year 1992- and Corso A.I.C.I for Real Estate Consultants - Milan 1994;

From 1990 to 1992, at Richard Ellis S.p.A. - Tasks similar to those covered in Arcotecnica and in addition a full immersion - six months - in an important study of Turin. Expert for Damage Assessments (no car branch).

From 1988 to 1990: at Arcotecnica S.p.A. - Valuation services, Building Valuation and Technical Coordinator for inventories at Public and Private Institutions for technical appraiser for insurance purposes and market value.

From 1986 to 1988: at Ina-Assitalia as a producer of insurance contracts; Participation in the training course "Work organization" held by I.S.M.O Milan 1986.


My career took place almost entirely in the real estate world, from the beginning until 2007 in Valuation and Advisory Services, and then, in Property Management. At the moment I work on Property Management

Property Managemet Activities -

Full Cycle Management Assets and Liabilities of two Fimit SGR Spa Funds. Frequent relationship and contacts with tenants such as Telecom Italy, Prada Spa, RAI Italian Television, Riso Scotti, etc .; - Direct management of relations with conductor GS Carrefour Spa for building management activities for extraordinary interventions. Examination and control of Service Management with GS Carrefour Spa. Budgets analysis  and final accounts management, definition of the adjustments.

Valuation and Advisory Services Main activities :

Due Diligence of: Ippocrate Fund building stock - Beni Stabili building stock

Valuation and Advisory Services for: 

  • Patrimonio Immobiliare Banca Antoveneta

  • Perizie estimative relative a beni immobili di proprietà Banco Desio, Sanpaolo

  • Patrimonio immobiliare Gruppo Sansedoni

  • Vetrotex – Gruppo Saint Gobain Vado Ligure e Besana Brianza

  • Fondazione Fatebenefratelli

  • Deca S.p.a. – San Marino

  • SSL Healthcare S.p.a. – Bologna

  • Coswell S.p.a. – Bologna

  • Ahlstrom S.p.a. – Fabriano

  • Isveimer, S.G.A. e B.N. Commercio e Finanza

  • Banco di Desio e della Brianza

  • Immobiliare Metanopoli

  • Ina/Assitalia      




Scientific Degree obtained at the Ettore Majorana State Lyceum of Rho - Good knowledge of English, good knowledge of German language. Daily use of Office Software:  Word - Excel - Access - REF Building Real Estate Framework


I have worked with Giovanni Viggiani, uninterruptedly and in four different societies, for twenty years between the second half of the eighties until September 2007.
In addition to his rare human and moral qualities, I have always appreciated his seriousness and the absolute honesty and the professional appointment.
He is a sincere and open person, he is forthright and in both personal and working relationships his glass is "always empty" meaning that he rarely  takes great risks.
This, sometime, has brought also to some clashes / divergences of opinion but I think this it is normal among honest people.
Professionally great willingness , Giovanni has always shown to be suitable to perform  both individual and team tasks.

He is intellectually " curious" and professionally  " multifaceted " having never been afraid to change his specific duties so that,at present, his knowledge and work experience are quite varied .

Finally, he has a high sense of belonging as he has always demonstrated his great confidentiality and the attachment to the company he works for.

Dott. Arch. Antonio Dallera – Yard S.r.l.


I refer to your request and I confirm that I will be happy to provide your references, to everyone should ask for them , after years of work spent together at first in First Atlantic Real Estate and then in Innovation Real Estate, remembering, in addition,  all the previous consulting provided .

So I can express my personal appreciation for the correctness fully in line with our Code of Ethics , for your availability, for the competence , and for the reliable flexibility in carrying out different tasks , due to your experience in the real estate sector but also to your personality.

I appreciated your qualities even when you was a consultant but specially in the following eight years spent together in our Company.

But what matters most to me is your honesty in relationships inside and outside of the Company which has resulted in reliability which , I am sure , will continue to distinguish your  contribution .

Dott. Arch. Amos Romanò – First Atlantic S.r.l.



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