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Valuation and Advisory Services

Professional property development and investment advice, providing solutions to your real estate and business needs, accelerating your success and working as your trusted advisors.

VAS Services

The value of any asset is the principle factor that sets the foundation for the rest of the project. Determining the value is what will guide you towards the next phase of project planning. Our valuation experts comprehend the dynamism of the market, and by analyzing real-time data, provide precise valuation advice that will guide your business decisions. With a spectrum of valuation services, our trusted advisors and valuers will provide you with feasibility studies, property appraisals, risk mitigation, and financial reporting, among others. Our experts have successfully led marquee projects pertaining to mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, financial reporting, disputes and litigation for government and private entities.

Our advisory services experts are some of the finest urban planners, architects and engineers in the industry. We take you through key aspects of your business including market entry strategy, optimal monetization strategy, advisory on transit oriented developments, bid advisory, product mix advisory, financial feasibilities, investment due diligence, techno-economic viability, and technical due diligence, among others. We work with industry vendors and stakeholders including investors, financiers, occupiers, government departments and developers to minimize risks, optimize costs and successfully develop, manage or monetize real estate assets.

Our Valuation Services

We provide real estate valuation services of land and building assets across a spectrum of verticals including residential, commercial, industrial, retail, warehousing, hospitality, healthcare, and education, among others. We work closely with developers and investors along with occupiers across industries and provide them with property valuation and commercial valuation backed by data, comprehensive research and years of honed expertise. Our experts provide guidance and direction that assists our clients in gaining an in-depth understanding of the real estate asset and making informed business decisions that will complement their business requirements. 
Valuation of Real Estate VAS
Our customized solutions and comprehensive reports cater to your business requirements. Over the years, we have provided end-to-end valuation services that appraise plant & machinery to marquee clients across sectors including automobiles, F&B, cement, chemicals, data centers, healthcare, IT, iron & steel, pharmaceuticals, textile, glass, and manufacturing. We determine risks involved and assist our clients in adhering to the highest quality standards set by global and national bodies. Additionally, our valuation reports identify opportunities that can be leveraged to maximize the potential of the plant.
Valuation of Plant Machinery VAS
  • Strong Team VAS
    Strong and Experienced Team
  • High Quality Standards VAS
    High Quality Standards
  • Track Record VAS
    Extensive Track Record
  • Accountability VAS
  • Ethical Standards VAS
    Ethical Standards

Key Milestones

  • Valuation Assignments Valuation Assignments Undertaken Annually 500+
  • Properties Valued Properties valued across cities 150+
  • Properties BN VAS Properties worth valued in 2019 INR700 Bn+

Valuations Undertaken For



  • Acquisition & Disposal (Due Diligence)
  • Financing & Refinancing
  • Litigation & Arbitration Support
  • Business Valuations
  •  Balance Sheet Compliance (Annual Accounting)
  •  Investment Monitoring
  •  Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial Instruments Valuations
  •  Immigration
  •  Asset/ Portfolio Assessment
  •  NPA Valuations
  • IPO / REITS/Public Circulars Valuations

Valuation Experts

Our Advisory Services

We provide real estate advisory services to clients across industries beginning with leveraging in-house data on demand, supply, absorption rates and transactions to provide market intelligence and insights on market performances, underlying conditions and directional trends. To further strengthen our findings, we conduct consumer surveys using a number of qualitative and quantitative tools to identify risks and pain points in the project, assess price sensitivity, and gain a deeper understanding on design, technology and features of the proposed project.

Using the gathered research and results, our experts deliver a development plan producing analysis of the supply pipeline, historic sales review, product design and infrastructure impact critical for the project’s success. And provide strategic advisory solutions on site selection, highest and best use studies, risk management, project positioning and phasing, distressed asset repositioning and revitalization, price projection, detailed financial analysis, structuring and entry / exit strategies.



The real estate industry is a fast-paced one that is witnessing rapid technology adoption, new business models and innovative products & services. The dynamic market sentiment comes with its fair share of risks that our experts help mitigate with their expertise and strategic capabilities. We advise conventional and unconventional business approaches that optimize costs and maximize profits for our clients.

With customized solutions, cohesive market research, and in-depth analysis, Colliers provides a range of real estate advisory services for verticals like flex workspaces, conventional workspaces, residential, co-living, student housing, senior living, industrial & warehousing, property aggregators, and co-working spaces, among others. Leveraging innovative techniques and tools, and backed by foolproof data & research, our team assists clients across industries in maximizing the potential of their real estate assets.


Complex, large-scale infrastructure projects require real estate consulting that will cater to economic growth and sustainable development. The Public-Private-Partnership requires innovative business approaches that will keep up with consumer needs, market trends and rapid urbanization. Our team delivers tailored real estate advice to all levels of government and private infrastructure developers for urban planning projects including airport cities, transit-oriented developments, developments above and around railway and metro stations, etc. We aid in project conceptualization and planning, technical and financial feasibility studies, detailed project reports, project structuring and bid process management.

Our experts collaborate with governments, real estate developers, investors, authorities, engineers, etc. to leverage technology and green solutions while identifying and navigating risks involved. We deliver marquee infrastructure developments to esteemed clients across industries within the estimated time and budget.

Infrastructure Consulting

We work with clients looking for property advisory services to source land or develop an already procured land. Our experts present the clients with relevant data, market research, and actionable insights that align with the market conditions. We help our clients with a data-driven approach to build flexibility in space planning and create short-range, medium-range and long-range scenario plans. Further, we assist in evaluating the space to optimize costs and maximize value; we do this by leveraging our expertise in portfolio planning for relocation through balanced scorecard analysis, strategic location advisory reports, cost-benefit analysis, and utilization analysis. Our teams have significant capabilities to deliver these services across workplace strategy and change management. Through collaboration with our global destination specialists, we bring global best practices and leading-edge strategic, development, operational and financial advice for formulating a destination, as well as to widen our coverage from typical asset classes to more specialized segments across hospitality, tourism and retail.
Occupier Consulting

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