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Technical due diligence - process & focus

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Technical due diligence (TDD) is a step-by-step process to review and analyse the information from the data shared followed by undertaking site inspections to enable an assessment of associated risks. The assignments help real estate stakeholders to make informed decisions. At Colliers, we find this very vital to strategic planning especially for investors, banks and financial institutions, developers undertaking corporate financing for real estate assets or portfolio. 

Developing a well-defined TDD report, specific to interest of stakeholder assists them to take informed decisions on how an investment of acquisition should be made. The structure of report is a tailor-made to suit the asset class and requirements of the client.

Technical due diligence work primarily focuses on:

  • Understanding the conditions of the property by carrying out inspections and appraisal of actual built conditions.
  • Review of architectural, structural, MEP services designed to establish whether property can be utilised for its intended usage.
  • Establishing the best usage and suitability while qualifying for Codal framework, statutory standards and guidelines.
  • Quantifying future costs and forecasting expenditures which are immediate and can be optional as upgradation.
  • Establishing liabilities and providing options to insulate risks of potential investors. This can be identified in terms of its nature and stage and possibility of rectifying with capex or not. It may involve inputs from specialists to provide a comprehensive solution.

At Colliers, we have a central TDD team who are dedicated to clients satisfaction, directive on decision and long-term association even after years of our services. Our aim is to provide world class services with no room for dispute on our findings and crystal-clear way forward.


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