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TDD Case Study - Investment by overseas financial institution

TDD Case study 1536

A private financial firm appointed Colliers to provide Technical Due Diligence (TDD) services to buy a controlling stake in a greenfield project in the South India market. The portfolio consisted of a large land parcel to be developed for commercial usage. The TDD experts had to advise the client regarding the suitability and extent of land, approval matters, FSI potential of land, buildability aspect, and validation of specifications to the current market requirement, adequacy of conceptual design and statutory compliance requirements. The TDD team also worked closely with stakeholders to establish the future potential to build, and cost & time to complete the development.



Colliers TDD team undertook detailed review and evaluation of existing facility by conducting site visits. A team of in-house experts assembled to review available project documents, undertake surveys, liaise with authorities, reconcile with site observations, and correlate to ensure the adequacy of engineering & design. In-house design experts conducted a detailed analysis of the potential that the site holds and issues that may come up in the future w.r.t compliances and functional perspective and accordingly helped the investor validate the future development potential.


Interactive and late evening sessions with the developer’s team and liaison consultant helped understand and record deviations and conclude the assessments diligently. Being part of the due diligence team, in-house cost management experts assessed cost to complete and draft a specification of the project.



The due diligence report submitted by the TDD team was recorded and notified design improvements for the development and to comply to the approved plans and statutory documents. A systematic review of area studies, efficiencies, and statements based on data provided and independent surveys conducted highlighted the deviations.