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Meet our Expert Kunal Chhabra

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Client-first approach to drive exceptional results. Experts choose experts like Kunal.


How did you get into the real estate industry?

I started my professional journey in commercial real estate straight after college and have been working in the same industry for almost ten years now. I consider myself fortunate to have started my career in this industry as you get to learn and drive real estate transactions at an early stage of your career. This helps you succeed and boost confidence to manage large complex transactions in the long term.

What drives you to achieve professional success?

Similar to playing chess, an excellent real estate consultant is always looking ten moves ahead on a deal and already has multiple scenarios baked into the strategy to win. I always believe in a client-first approach and constantly look for opportunities to drive value for my clients. We become experts in our field only by delivering success for our clients and are as good as our last deal in the market. Continuous learning and involvement in a transaction to secure client interest definitely adds to your success.

What's the most fulfilling aspect of your role?

It is very satisfying to see your inputs on a transaction generate good results for your clients. You get an opportunity to meet and work closely with key stakeholders of large organizations and can help them make critical business decisions that impact their business. To be able to mentor, learn and surround me with dedicated team members keeps me motivated.

What is your advice to people starting the industry?

The sky is the limit for your success if you have the right attitude and passion for working in this industry. You get to work and service clients from different sectors and get exposed to vast knowledge not only limited to Real estate. Being proactive, having a self-starter approach, and being a complete team player are key attributes that help build a long-term career in this industry.

What's one piece of professional development advice that you would recommend to other people?

Maintain a high ethical standard, never compromise your client’s position and be transparent with your clients.

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Kunal Chhabra

Senior Associate Director

Office Services


Kunal has over 10+ years of experience in commercial real estate and plays a crucial role in strategizing end-to-end real estate solutions for Key corporate occupiers and developers including advice on leasing, sale /purchase. His key expertise lies in Tenant Representation, Strategic Planning, Lease Negotiations, and handling complex RFP Issuance & Analysis.

He has been involved in multiple office transactions across Bangalore & Hyderabad market and uses his relationship and experience with developers to structure deals positively in favor of tenants. Handling multiple transactions helps him in providing key insights to clients in strategic decision making.

He has assisted leading corporations like Nokia, Mitel, Mavenir, Cognizant, Concentrix, Rubrik, CitiusTech, Conga, Coforge, Tredence Analytics, UiPath, Grab , Tata MD, AdvantEdge  to name a few.

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