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Shaikh Jafar | Colliers | Kolkata

Shaikh Jafar

Assistant Manager

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Professional Summary

1)Develop, implement and maintain an effective program and ensure compliances to satisfy the requirement of local legislation and environment conservation act.

2)Co-ordinate safety meeting:
 Ensure meting time is set
 Agendas are sent out
 Minutes are kept out
 Ensure that all support documentation is respect of the safety program is received on time and in a correct format from all stakeholder.



  • Safe the manhours for the company.
  • Safe the manpower to Money saved for the company 
  • Time  saved for the company.
  • Problems  identified in job and solved.
  • Ideas or innovations to introduced in management 
  • Safe working procedures systems developed, implemented, or optimized.
  • Special projects  worked on.

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