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Rohit Singh | Colliers | Gurgaon

Rohit Singh


Senior Document Controller

Project Management

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Professional Summary

I had more than 7 Years of professional experience in overall control and management of all incoming & outgoing documents. I am capable in managing, controlling and archiving the release of information to and from the project team as well as internal communication, which includes calculations, reports, drawings, technical documents and other Engineering data.Set up an electronic library system for the management of technical documentations.Develop and maintain document control processes for the efficient management and recording of documents.Develop electronic filing and archive system and technical library for easy to issuance, storage, retrieval and management of documents.Custodian for documents that must be controlled and kept for audit/internal requirements.Maintain proper organization and storage of documents and information.Provide full admin support to the team.




Service Lines

Project Management

Property Type

Industrial & Logistics Services, Multifamily, Retail

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