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Ayesha Maria | Colliers | Bengaluru

Ayesha Maria

B.Arch, Registered Architect

Associate Director

Project Management

License # CA/2008/42466

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Professional Summary

With over 16 years of experience in the field of design and building technology, my area of expertise lies in design, detailing and execution of large as well as small scale projects in the lifestyle , retail and residential sectors . I lead project teams on all phases of design from inception to completion. My skills include design, technical knowledge, communication, leadership and problem solving abilities. These together with the ability to collaborate with clients and consultants, as well as local building authorities enable me to arrive at apt design ideas and solutions. 


B. Arch

Goa College of Architecture


Memberships & Involvements



Neetu Chandra

Architect & Interior Designer

February 19, 2017, Ayesha worked with Neetu in the same group

" Ayesha is a well-connected professional that always takes the time to support anyone in her network.She has a very impressive background and profile with various design and software skills.She is always ready to face challenges at work and runs project smoothly."

Rani Bharathan

February 24, 2012, Rani was senior to Ayesha but didn’t manage directly

Ayesha Souza has been a pleasure to work with! Her design skills, attention to detail, PR with clients and her par excellent management capabilities have taken the office to a higher level and has rewarded the company with satisfied clients and a strong reference core. Ayesha is compassionate and at the same time disciplined. Her method of working has set standards in the office for her juniors to follow and she is ever ready to help them learn the ropes with utmost patience. In all the projects that I have worked with Ayesha, I am sure I have imbibed an awesome energy from her to see the project through. I would highly recommend Ayesha to any firm worthy of her caliber and I would wish her all success in achieving what she so rightfully deserves- only the best! Ayesha can be best described as 'an all round consistent performer with a heart of gold'. Good luck Ayesha! God bless



Service Lines

Project Management

Property Type

Multifamily, Retail

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