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Argenio Antao | Colliers | Bengaluru

Argenio Antao


Chief Operating Officer

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Professional Summary

Argenio Antao is an accomplished, passionate and highly motivated multi-disciplinary professional with over 30 years of extensive domestic and international experience, Having begun his career by taking leadership on projects and with his ability to find and implement solutions by thinking out-of-the- box, he has grown to take on greater challenges through developing innovative solutions and implementation strategies

As the Chief Operating Officer for Project Management Services, India, he has the overall responsibility for the technology, policies, systems and procedures in India. He also leads the Health and Safety as well as the Quality verticals across all projects.

His success in the workplace is a result of his strong passion and ability to lead and motivate the team to go beyond their perceived capabilities, through providing strategic vision and engaging them to always look at the bigger picture.


Argenio Antao has played a key role in establishing new client relationships with organisations as Bosch, Huawei, Oppo, iGate (now Capgemini) to name a few. Being an excellent influencer, communicator and negotiator, he has been able to set and meet (if not exceed) expectations of various stakeholders involved.



Having graduated from NIT (formerly REC), Durgapur, a premier institution in India, Argenio Antao has worked within all stakeholder groups in the real estate sector, enabling him a view from all perspectives and providing him multiple approaches to problem solving. His Project Management skills have been learnt and developed across verticals such as Infrastructure and heavy Industrial projects, which have added to his strong work ethic and delivery in stringent parameters.


Memberships & Involvements

Argenio Antao is a member of the Board of Studies for RICS, Mumbai as also a member of the RICS South Asia Leadership. He has been very active in the real estate space having been a panellist at various forums as well as authoring articles on innovative technologies in the construction industry


Service Lines

Project Management

Property Type

Healthcare & Retirement Living, Hotels, Industrial & Logistics Services, Office, Multifamily

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