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Project Management

Stay on track and on budget

Our clients engage Colliers to maximise the potential of their projects in order to optimise the achievement of their success. As project management experts, we focus on ensuring your project is completed on time and within budget. At Colliers, we are fully responsible for every project, in which we maximise everything from scheduling to costs and quality.

Property renovation, property expansion or area planning can be good opportunities to modernise property and increase property attractiveness. However, for many building owners and occupiers, managing large-scale projects can be a challenge.

Our Project Management team consists of experienced professionals with various backgrounds; architecture, engineering, construction, facility planning, building commissioning, operations and financial management teams are ready to collaborate with you to deliver end-to-end strategic property solutions.

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Market Research

Apr 15, 2021

Property Market Report | Q1 2021 | Jakarta All Sector

Jakarta All Sector Property Market Report, Updates and Forecast Q1 2021
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Apr 12, 2021

The Next Work Experience

Following a survey to understand how occupiers have been adapting to remote working and its effect on productivity and operational effectiveness, we look at some actions that organisations can take to prepare for the future of work as offices reopen.
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Mar 24, 2021

The Reimagined Workplace | Q&A - Technology

In this edition of The Reimagined Workplace Q&A, we collaborate with Darren Belcher from SAP Asia Pte Ltd to discuss how the work 'place', 'space' and 'pace' are evolving for the technology sector, and the opportunities for its occupiers going forward.
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Feb 8, 2021

APAC Property Markets: Themes for 2021 | Colliers Outlook

Colliers' experts explore four of the key themes that we expect to drive APAC property markets over 2021 – China Plus One strategy, technology occupiers, flexible workspace and sustainability – and assess their implications for property occupiers and owners. Download the full report here.
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