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Tasha Kirana: Empowered to Invest in Relationships

Tasha Kirana: Empowered to Invest in Relationships

Tasha Kirana finds that investing in a relationship develops clients’ trust in using Colliers’ services. She always tries to build a sense of familiarity and comfort between herself and clients to ensure that they have a pleasant experience in their dealings with Colliers.

How long have you been in the real estate industry and how did you get into the industry?

I have been working in the real estate industry for six years since I started my career at Colliers in 2014. Back then, I saw there was a massive amount of construction in Jakarta and most of the buildings were office buildings and malls. At that time, I discussed this with one of my close friends who was already joining a property agency. She started to introduce me to this industry, including office property leasing and purchasing. I slowly gained more interest in real estate. That has brought me to work in this industry for more than six years now.

You know the real estate market is not always at a peak, so how do you stay positive during a low point?

Colliers has conducted extensive research and forecasting regarding the conditions of the market. As consultants, we have the knowledge on how to leverage research to help our clients during the lowest points of the market.

For example, we are currently at a low point right now due to the COVID-19 situation. This pandemic is affecting every industry, including real estate, especially the office sector. We can see the impact on how companies use their office space, the rent buying power, and we believe it also affects how companies decide they will arrange their office in the future, even after the pandemic. These days, some tenants prefer to release their space, while others want to keep their space but try to negotiate with their landlord to receive a better rent term.

Colliers found the gap in the market and responded to it by proposing a cost-savings method that can restructure a tenant’s rent so they can decrease their space or the tenant can get better rent terms.

In short, our team always tries to use the knowledge that we’ve been provided by our research colleagues, keeping ourselves updated on the situation, identifying the gaps in the market and ready to provide a suitable and the best solution to help our clients, whether in a good or bad market condition.

What do you do when you are not at work, and why do you enjoy it?

I like gaming, travelling, and editing videos. I think it’s mainly because I'm a visual person and I always need to have visual stimulation. So that’s what I basically do on weekends or during holidays.

If you were not working in the real estate industry, what do you think you would be doing?

Realistically speaking, if I was not working in the real estate industry right now, I might pursue a career in the IT industry because I think that sector has always been remarkably interesting for me. But for a bold answer, I would like to be a travelling content creator.

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Tasha Kirana

Senior Account Manager

Office Services - Tenant Representation


As an office property consultant, Tasha's main job is to help multinational companies, investors, and local companies for leasing or purchasing office space in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her scope of service is including of office space searching, assisting negotiation process with the landlord, generate financial and non-financial analysis, and help reviewing lease agreement.


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