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Expert Spotlight: Rusni Djohardi


For Rusni, Colliers Indonesia’s Head of Finance, doing what is right is one way of gaining the trust of people around you, which is why it is an important value to have in both your personal and professional lives.

How long have you been in the real estate industry, and how did you get involved in the industry?

It has been seven years since I joined Colliers. Colliers is the first real estate consultant that I have worked with after working at one of the big four accounting firms in Jakarta for about 11 years. As a finance professional, I have been working for almost 20 years in total.


How would you describe your role at Colliers?

I am responsible for handling the company’s overall finances, including managing the company’s financial reports, taxation, etc. As head of the finance team, I need to make sure that all the financial aspects at Colliers are covered and run according to standard operational procedures, and in line with the current regulations.

Why do you think it is important to always do what is right in your professional career?

By doing what is right, you will gain trust from people, your team, colleagues and clients. Trust plays a quite big role in every sector of life. That is why I think doing what is right is a very important value to have, both as a person in your daily life and as a professional. If you do not earn trust from people around you, especially in your workplace, I think it would be very difficult for you to do your job properly.

What is the biggest challenge that you have faced while working as Head of Finance at Colliers Indonesia?

In my opinion, the biggest challenge is changing people's mindsets. In fast-growing industries such as ours, change happens almost on a daily basis. But to a certain extent, I have found it is not always easy to persuade people to keep up to date with changing regulations, since it might be very confusing for some. However, as the one who knows about the regulations more than others, we always try to make sure that everyone understands and follows the regulations.

What do you like about working as Head of Finance at Colliers?

For me, the positive thing I find working at Colliers is the company’s culture. Our culture is quite relaxed and flexible, if I compare it to the previous company that I worked with. I find people at Colliers are not very pushy, and for me that is one of the reasons we have a nice working environment.

Maybe it’s because it is a different industry, considering there were a lot of strict regulations that everyone had to follow in the previous industry I worked in.

If you had not begun working in the finance sector at the beginning of your career, what do you think you would be doing now?

I took accounting as my major back at university. So, I would say that my current role at Colliers as head of finance is an expected outcome of my degree. However, if I’d had a choice other than accounting when I chose my major, I would probably have become a chemical engineer. I am actually really interested in that field, but unfortunately, in the past, chemical engineering studies were not as well known or common as right now. Even so, I do not have any regrets about my choice. When I chose accounting as my major, finance was already the path I had chosen for my professional career.

What do you do when you are not at work, and why do you enjoy it?

Typically, before the pandemic, annually I’d take two weeks off the radar to meditate. Meditation helps me understand more about myself. I know what I’m thinking but I need to find out why I make some decisions, and it helps me be more accepting of certain conditions. I would say I normally have high expectations of myself and others, but meditation helps me reduce those expectations, which of course reduces stress and gives me more energy.

But, on a daily basis, I spend my time reading books and meeting with my friends. However, as a result of the pandemic, it is hard for me to meet my friends, as we are limited to online meetings only. Therefore, I usually read books in my leisure time.

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Rusni Djohardi




Rusni has led Colliers’ Finance Department since April 2014. She oversees the overall finance, accounting and tax functions. She ensures that finance, accounting and tax practices are prudent, and monthly financial reports are presented fairly and on time. She provides budget versus actual information and reports to the managing director.

Working together with the other heads of department, Rusni facilitates the preparation of the departments and the entire company’s annual budgets. To achieve optimum result, she also works together with other heads in the pricing and costing strategy.

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