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Expert Spotlight: Rivan Munansa

Expert Spotlight: RIvan Munansa

For Rivan Munansa, Head of Industrial & Logistics Services, all industries, including real estate, have to contend with both high and low market conditions. He believes that there are always opportunities, and what we need to do is find and seize those opportunities.

How long have you been in the real estate industry and how did you get involved in the industry?

I joined the real estate industry in 1996. Actually, before joining this industry, I worked in the banking sector for a couple of years until I decided to continue my study overseas. At that time, the real estate industry was booming in Indonesia. For me, it looked really interesting and I could see a lot of opportunities in the industry. So I focused on finding a job in real estate right after I finished my masters in 1996.

I began my career with Colliers in the office sector. In 2004, Colliers was appointed to handle a big industrial project, and I got the opportunity to be in charge of it. After that we got more Industrial inquiries, but I handled both Office and Industrial projects until around 2010, when we finally created a dedicated Industrial Services department. So, I have been in the real estate industry for around 24 years, and I have been working in the Industrial sector for around 16 years now. 

How do you describe your role in Colliers right now?

I am currently the head of Industrial & Logistics Services. I manage both teams, representing clients and developers. As a client’s representative, we usually manage asset disposal, acquisition, or leasing of warehouses, factories, or any other industrial properties. As a developer’s representative, we handle their property marketing process. Other than those two, we also handle some special assignments related to the Industrial sector. For example, we handled an inquiry from an oil and gas company to find a gas terminal in one specific area, with their specific Industrial requirements. 

What challenges did the Industrial team face during the pandemic?

Honestly, during this pandemic, demand from new investment decreased or was slower compared to before the pandemic. Some sectors, such as automotive, slowed down, so we found some projects were on hold. On the other hand, other sectors have been running as usual, and despite the situation, some sectors have managed to grow, such as e-commerce and data centers. Another positive side is that some investors are now looking for industrial properties at a good price, knowing that this is a good time for them to make a transaction.

So far, and despite the pandemic, we can say that the Industrial & Logistics sector is in a better condition when compared to other sectors in the real estate industry. We see that there are industries slowing down their business activities, but we also see industries that are still active in the market. 

You know real estate market is not always at its peak point, how do you stay positive when it's at a low point?

In my opinion, there are always opportunities. Like I mentioned before, the market is not at its best right now. Some industries are undeniably facing a hard time, but there are also industries that are growing. We rarely get a new and fresh investment, but if we look at the other side, there might be good asset disposals at good prices that investors are looking for. What we need to do is find and seize the opportunities.

Other than that, my team and I always try to find projects and opportunities in sectors that are currently in a good condition, for example, e-commerce or data centers. We need to be creative to find the opportunities that exist in this industry, especially in this kind of situation. Both positive and negative sides are always present, but we shouldn’t focus on the negative side. 

What do you think is the most effective way to build your client's trust in you, and in Colliers?

Good relationships are built on honesty and integrity. Once we build a good relationship, clients will trust us not only for one project, but also for the long-term, if we have managed to create a memorable experience for them. We have had clients who closed transactions through us a couple years ago and they have either gone back to their country or work with other companies, and I think because of the good impression that we gave them on the previous projects, they know who to contact if they have a new project.

We also had one client who recommended us to their regional team, so we got an even higher level of projects through his recommendation; all of that thanks to the good relationship we built and the memorable experiences we delivered to the client when working with us.

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Rivan has had over 20 years experience in real estate with expertise and knowledge not only in the industrial sector, but also in other property sectors.

As the head of Colliers’ Industrial Services Division in Jakarta, Indonesia, Rivan handles all lease and sale industrial transactions and real estate investments. Rivan has a track record of being appointed by local and multinational companies to represent their industrial requirements on both a local and regional basis.

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