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Meet Our Expert: Lenny Van Es-Sinaga


For Lenny van Es-Sinaga, Head of Residential Services, and her team, to work with their clients in residential services, they need to always give the best service to build their clients’ trust. Our team shows clients that we are available any time they need help.

How long have you been in the real estate industry and how did you get involved in the industry?

I graduated from Tarakanita, so I started working as a general manager’s junior secretary in 1997 in one apartment in Kuningan, but I was offered a position as part of their marketing team for the property a year after. I really enjoyed being a marketing person at that time because I could meet many different people and clients from different companies. Since then, I have loved my job in the property sector.

Not long after becoming a marketing person for apartments, I was scouted by my mentor at that time to join Koll Ipac on 19 August 2001. So, I have been working in the real estate industry for 23 years.

You have been in the same business for more than 20 years. What do you like the most about your job?

I started from the basics as an account executive. Since my job required me to find housing for mostly expats, from the beginning of my career until now, I have encountered a lot of different people from different countries. It has helped me to understand the many characteristics of the different countries that our clients come from; and for me, that’s really interesting.

I get excited about helping clients who don’t know much about our country and its culture. They need our help to understand our country and how to interact with people here, as well as what activities they can do while they are in Indonesia, and even little details such as how they should buy their groceries. I think that is something that I should also be proud of – introducing Indonesia to our clients.

It’s a relief when we have finally completed project after project, when our clients have found a property that they like, and when we have succeeded in negotiation. It feels good to help a family find an ideal house away from their home. Those are the reasons I really enjoy my job.

How do you describe in short what your team does at Colliers?

Our residential team helps companies find accommodation for expats according to their requirements and budget. We help expats get a suitable and safe place and make sure that they experience a smooth process while they are moving from their country to Indonesia. However, in order to find a home for expats, we actually need to have knowledge about the property sector, so my team and I need to have the latest updates of the property market conditions.

What do you think you should do to gain clients' trust in your team?

My team and I believe that we need to always give the best service to be able to build clients’ trust. Our team shows our clients that we are available any time they need help.

Since our team deals with residential properties, we work with families and we know the spouse and the family; thus, sometimes our relationship doesn’t feel like it is with clients but more with close friends. We even get referrals from our clients, because with the relationships that we build, clients feel Colliers is different from other property agents. While we work in a very professional way, we approach them in a friendlier manner.

My team and I always try to give full service to our clients, from the first day they come to Indonesia until the day they need to leave Indonesia. We even manage to give them information that is not related to property, from as vendors to hire housekeepers or drivers, to places to buy any specific food, spices, etc. We know that our clients don’t know much about Indonesia and they need someone to help them until they are settled living here. We have even introduced our new clients to other clients so they can have acquaintances while living here. So, those are a few of the things that we do to make sure our clients trust us.

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I was graduated from Tarakanita Secretarial Academy in 1997. Now I have more than 20 years of experience in hospitality, property brokerage and residential services. Prior to joining the Company, I managed Citra Regency Apartment (now Somerset Grand Citra-Ascott Group) and had successfully marketed/leased the apartments during the financial crisis. With my extensive client management and business development experience, I am responsible for the continuous adoption of ‘best-in-class’ methods in all aspects of Colliers Residential Tenant and Landlord Representation services.

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