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Expert Spotlight: Hendry Sugianto

Expert Spotlight: Hendry Sugianto

In order to gain clients’ trust, Hendry Sugianto, Head of Property Management, always tries to encourage his team to be willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to solve whatever problems their clients are facing and ensure them that their projects are in good hands.

How long have you been in the real estate industry and how did you get involved in this industry?

I have been in this industry for about 19 years. That was when I started my career – but before I got into property management, I previously worked in different roles in this industry.

I was trained in architecture, so in the very beginning, I worked as a designer for more than seven years before I switched gears. I worked in the hotel industry for a while before joining a contracting company for about two years. I found myself not quite suited to that role for the long term, so I moved to a development company. I spent around seven years being a developer before coming to Colliers as a consultant for project management.

What do you think is the most effective way to build clients’ trust in you and in Colliers?

I think clients rely on us as their consultant when there are problems. They expect our presence to take them through any problems. So, I find that one of the elements clients are looking for in leadership is your availability. That’s one factor. Another one is for you to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty to solve whatever problems they have. So that was what I always try to do and what I always encourage my team to do to gain clients’ trust and ensure clients that their projects are in good hands.

Most memorable experience that PM faced during the pandemic?

It’s been an interesting year. This pandemic has changed the behaviour of some of our clients. For example, we have a client who used to be very flexible with their budget – anything goes as long as they get the best. When the pandemic hit, they became more critical of our work, and they found that projects became expensive. They almost couldn’t pay their contractors, and some vendors had their payments delayed, including us, to the point where they almost stopped our service. That was quite nerve-racking for us because we had six people assigned to that project and if there had been an immediate cut of the service, we wouldn’t have known where to put our team.

For this difficult situation, they did try to find other consultant that is more affordable with the same service. When the new team came and looked at the result of our work so far and evaluated the client’s expectations, the new consultant said that they wouldn’t be able to do it with the amount of time given and proposed a higher fee than us. So, the client continued with our service and remains with us today. That is one of the most memorable experiences we had during this pandemic.

What do you do when you are not at work, and why do you enjoy it?

I like travelling with my family because it opens up new experiences for me that I don’t get to have in normal day-to-day life. So, when I travel to other places, it gives me inspiration. But during this pandemic, since my family and I prefer to be at home, I usually spend my free time participating in sports at home or outdoors.

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Hendry Sugianto

Senior Associate Director

Project Management


Hendry managed projects and real estate developments from inception to completion in Singapore through various stages of design conceptualisation, tendering and awarding of main contractors, authority approvals, defect snagging, rectification works, and final handover to end users and property management; responsible for setting up property marketing galleries.

He also managed the conversion and change of use of an old industrial property into a serviced residences development and experienced in the redevelopment of a single house into a multi-dwelling units boutique apartment, equipped with a mechanical car park.

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