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Client Success Story: Lalamove's Head Office Relocation

Lalamove is an Asia-based technology company that provides delivery services by connecting users with delivery drivers on its mobile and web apps. Previously, Colliers Indonesia had collaborated with Lalamove to find space for their offices in Surabaya. Due to Colliers' outstanding performance, our Office Services team was again appointed by Lalamove to help them relocate their Head Office.

Relocation is a process that requires cooperation from many parties and high accuracy in various aspects. Apart from the need for a larger space, several other concerns also become a challenges. In this case, those challenges included:
• The requirements are quite specific. Lalamove requires two separated areas: a typical floor and also a basement area with a large loading dock with a specific size.
• Due to the high traffic from operational vehicles entering and exiting the building, the selected building needed to have access from the back in order to facilitate and expedite mobility, and not be hampered by the prevailing odd-even regulations.
• Lalamove’s logistics business requires that it operates on Sundays and holidays, so several buildings that we approached were refused.
• Lalamove had limited knowledge about the process since it has never relocated to a new building and a bigger space.
• Since there is a predetermined and limited budget, choice of buildings and locations are limited.

To be able to ensure that Lalamove has a successful relocation process, the Office Services team applied several strategies, such as:
• It conducted a survey of more than 10 buildings to find the right location in accordance with Lalamove's requirements, starting with buildings that have free odd-even regulations and access from the back, wide loading docks with sufficient height according to the size of Lalamove’s operational vehicles, and it included locations that do not mind that Lalamove’s business operates logistics.
• In order to provide a good reference regarding the building site, a survey was conducted among Lalamove’s employees to see the preferred area of interest.
• The Colliers team shared its knowledge and assisted in re-checking and monitoring the relocation process, from the beginning to the end of the project.
• The team made a summary of expenses, such as electricity, so Lalamove had a price comparison between one building and another.
• From the start, the Colliers team negotiated with the landlord and provided detailed information to reach an agreed upon price, and to determine that the required area is in accordance with the building's use capacity during non-working days.
• Conducting intense communications with Lalamove, the team periodically explained, in detail the leasing agreement specifics that relate to regulations in Indonesia. In addition to communicating with Lalamove, Colliers also regularly communicated information to the landlord so that they were always updated with existing developments.


The good relationship between Colliers Indonesia Office Services team and both parties made the negotiation process easier. At least it was easier for our team to determine what was needed and expected both from Lalamove and the landlord. As a result, Colliers was able to find the right building that is in line with the expected requirements, and Lalamove rented the spaces for a fairly long period of time.

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