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Case Study: Highest Level of Green Building Certification for Danamon


Colliers Indonesia Facilities Management team started its services for Danamon in 2016. Initially, Colliers Indonesia Facilities Management assisted in the relocation and setting up of three Danamon offices into the Menara Bank Danamon. With the success of the project, Danamon entrusted Colliers Indonesia to manage the Facilities and Building Management of Menara Bank Danamon.

In line with the company vision, mission and the road map of Danamon, which is also in line with the commitment of MUFG as its parent company, it is committed to becoming one of the first companies with Net Zero Carbon by 2050. The Green Building Certification will be its first step toward this achievement. 

In order to realise Danamon goal to be the first bank to combine the concept of an environmentally friendly building with renewable energy and incorporate the concept of Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) a reality, there were several challenges our Facilities Management and Danamon team faced, such as:

• Due to the pandemic, the certification and coordination process could not always be carried out directly, while communication had to always be on point.
• The team’s assessment and measurement process was limited due to visiting restrictions and regulations during PPKM.
• Also, the pandemic affected the project’s planned timeline.
• There was the added risk of not being able to receive goods/materials according to schedule, especially if the goods/materials were imported.
• They had to collect all data, both technical and commercial, required to complete the documents for the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) assessment.
• Using the rating tools that have been set as a standard, they had to achieve a certain score to pass the certification assessment.

In order to conquer the challenges above, our team of experts applied a few strategies to ensure that Danamon achieved their goal. The strategies were:
• Weekly, online coordination meeting with Colliers, clients and consultants during the certification process.
• The Facilities Management team provided assistance in measurements and also adjusted vendor work schedules in the field so that the entire process ran well and on schedule.
• Colliers had a team on site and the head offices’ support, which understand the concept of green building; so, with the availability of all resources, all daily tasks were done correctly. That way, the timeline was well-controlled and managed.
• When the ordered goods/materials were in stock, all the evidence and documentation was immediately sent to the GBCI.
• By having a certified greenship building manager, all records were carried out regularly. These preventive records and maintenance reports were all recorded in the CFM System. This made it easier and faster to collect data and materials needed to be sent to Green Building consultants for the certification process.
• They carried out comprehensive building operations by embracing the green building concept including:
  1. Saving electricity,
  2. Saving water,
  3. Zero-waste to landfill,
  4. Use of environmentally friendly chemicals,
  5. Good lighting,
  6. Maintaining carbon measurements according to check points,
  7. Good air quality,
  8. Ensuring the building is smoke-free,
  9. Providing public facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, and
  10. Ensuring the SOP management ran well.
• They also:
  1. Conducted training as often as possible, to ensure all data required for the certification process was complete.
  2. Conducted employee satisfaction survey on operational and building facilities and received more than 95% positive feedback.

Through good cooperation and well-organised work between our team of experts, Danamon and the consultant, on January 20, 2022, at the Green Building Council Indonesia, Colliers Indonesia Facilities Management team managed to successfully assist Menara Bank Danamon to pass the certification trial, so that Menara Bank Danamon succeeded in obtaining its Green Building Certification at the highest level − the Platinum level.

In addition, the score obtained on the rating tool exceeded the accepted standard score of 85 points. With this success, Danamon is already one step toward making their goal become a reality.


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