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Case Study: Promotional and Introduction Booths in Office Buildings

Case Study: Promotional and Introduction Booths in Office Buildings

Colliers International Indonesia was appointed to assist a lifestyle company by opening promotional and brand recognition booths in multiple office building locations.

The Challenges

Colliers found a new challenge when working with the client. As they wanted exposure for their products, there were requirements that Colliers needed to pay attention to since they were related to our client’s target market. The challenges were varied, such as:

  • Office buildings’ location in Jakarta
  • The client targeted to have promotional spaces in more than 20 office buildings
  • Office buildings needed to be highly occupied and have high traffic
  • Many office buildings are applying a “clean lobby” concept
  • Many office buildings restrict certain products for promotional booths in the building

The Strategy

We did not see this uniqueness of requirements as a barrier but rather as an opportunity to sharpen our negotiation skills and to showcase our knowledge in order to help accelerate the success of our client.

Our Office Tenant Representation team had to think creatively to convince the landlords since the requirements were quite different from what Colliers is used to. Following the expertise of our consultants in negotiating and communicating, here are some of the strategies we used to gain the landlords’ trust and approval:

  • Prepared an information package with the client to convince the landlords that the product is different from the other brands
  • Provided product and visual booth knowledge to the landlords
  • Convinced the landlords that the operation would not violate any building regulations
  • Colliers’ strong relationship with the landlords benefitted negotiations for our client

The Result

Colliers’ networks and relationships with the landlords brought an advantage to our Office Tenant Representation team as we successfully managed to:

  • Secure 22 office buildings in three months
  • Since the building rental prices varied, we managed to help our client negotiate prices at the best rates possible
  • Due to good responses from tenants in several buildings, our client repeated their booth operations in some of the locations

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