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New Normal Office Re-opening


Colliers Indonesia’s was appointed to assist a palm oil company to re-open its head office. The re-opening process took place in the midst of COVID-19 situation.

The Challenges
With the occurrence of the pandemic, offices are considered to be one of the locations where there is a high risk of virus transmission. Because of this, our clients closed their head offices for a quite some time and applied a work-from-home (WFH) policy. However, this work arrangement is considered to be less effective for companies in this type of business. Therefore, several challenges are faced, such as:

• Limited knowledge and understanding of the mitigation that needs to be implemented.
• Lack of employee awareness of the condition by not fully carrying out the shift schedule that has been implemented previously.
• Limited time. Within one month, work-from-office (WFO) has to be re-implemented because the WFH policy is deemed ineffective.
• Due to the fact that there are various other tenants in the same building, the number of positive cases in this company is quite significant.
• Building management agreement is difficult to achieve. This makes it easy for clients to feel resigned to the conditions that occur in their company.

The Strategy
We did not see the lack of awareness as a “road block”, rather we saw this as an opportunity to provide education and concrete evidence that implementing the right mitigation plan can have a tremendous impact on the operational continuity of a company in this new normal era.

Our Facilities Management team has a number of strategies that our clients consider to be highly innovative and cutting edge. The strategies are:

• Providing comprehensive presentations and education, and convincing the client, especially their task force team, of the dangers of COVID-19 transmission and why it is important to make changes in the office
• Assessment of the current office situation by providing a gap analysis comparing the ideal situation
• Create a complete and comprehensive mitigation plan
• Providing an end-to-end SOP related to COVID-19 situation
• Assist the client with onsite preparation and implementing the policy before and after re-opening
• Conducting cleaning day, provide clean desk policy/guidance, and monitoring the implementation
• Prepare all sanitizing and sterilization tools in accordance with the standards
• Provide employee shifting schedule and seating plan
• Provide traffic flow or employee circulation in the office area
• Intense coordination and communication to properly monitor every execution

The Result
Through a new normal office consultancy for office re-opening, our team provided satisfying and timely solutions. The results include:

• Clients feel confident in re-opening their head office and operations according to predetermined targets
• Employees have proper knowledge about the new policy and are able to implement it
• The task force coordinates better with the supervisors from each department and the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) team
• Application of procurement process for required tools, such as tools to eliminate touch points (face recognition, touchless door opener, etc), and sanitizing and sterilization tools (automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, UVC Box, etc)
• There is a demand to provide a very large number of UVC Boxes for sites in several locations such as Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Pekanbaru

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