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Colliers Indonesia: New Normal Office Consultancy

Colliers Indonesia has followed a Work From Home (WFH) policy since March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To increase productivity, in November 2021 Colliers Indonesia took the initiative to implement a Hybrid Working system with a Return to Office (RTO) policy. To ensure health protocols are in place, safety precautions must be taken. Preparations must be made, not only at the office to prevent transmission of the virus, but also for employees to ensure they have the right knowledge and are able to implement the new normal strategy, while at the same time increasing the level of productivity.
Strategy / Services

We started the office preparation by doing an assessment of the current office situation, providing a gap analysis based on the ideal situation, establishing a mitigation plan, and adjusting the SOP.

We assisted the Colliers Indonesia People & Performance (P&P) team to do the onsite preparation and implement the RTO policy. We provided advice and assisted with the procurement of sanitizing and sterilization tools (automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, UVC Box, etc.) and preparation of the new SOP communication process.

Since we needed to limit office capacity, we coordinated with each department to divide the team into two groups, each subject to a Work From Office (WFO) schedule in order to maintain a safe seating distance and comply with government capacity regulations. 

We worked with the IT team to implement online health assessments prior to Colliers employees’ WFO schedule, desk booking system, and technology for Hybrid Working by providing the audio-video meeting equipment in meeting rooms. 

We split the schedule of support team (General Service, messenger, driver, receptionist) to ensure service continued if there was a case of the virus.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workplace was considered unsafe as it offered a potentially high risk of spreading the coronavirus to the community. However, the business needs to keep operating and the Hybrid Working system is the best option. Facilities Management has an important role in making it smooth and successful.


The RTO went smoothly, and the workplace area was ready and safe to be occupied. Employees have been brought up to speed on the new policy and have been able to implement it, while the business gets back to normal.

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Christina Ng


Facilities Management


Christina has had 20+ years experience in handling Commercial and Residential Facilities and Property Management.

While in charge of the Centralized Facility Management, she supported all Account Managers within the Colliers FM account portfolio across Indonesia: Citigroup, HSBC, AZA, ANZ, Danone, Barclays, Bank Ekonomi Rahardja and DBS.

As the Senior Associate Director, she leads Colliers FM operation, including supporting Facilities Management setting up for three countries for Deutsche Bank Facility Management, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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Deyla Novera

Associate Director

Facilities Management


Deyla joined Colliers at the beginning of 2006 and was appointed Senior Supervisor – Tenant Relations. As she performed well and passed the High Flyer Batch VII Leadership Programme successfully, Colliers promoted her to Officer – Engineering in September 2007. She possesses excellent qualifications and performs well in the positions assigned to her.

In one of her previous assignments, she also succeeded in coordinating the establishment of a Deutsche Bank Regional Project. She has managed similar projects in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, and her role in regional projects includes cost calculation, updating all set-up activities, coordination of all relevant parties and documenting the entire process. Particularly in Thailand, she was involved in managing the on-site set-up.

Deyla has also successfully led the set-up of Colliers FM’s new projects; Danone, AXA, Bank Ekonomi Raharja, Singapore Embassy of Jakarta, Allianz, Bank Danamon, etc., as well as overseeing the operational work on these projects. Currently, she is highly involved in business development activities, including preparing all tender materials, establishing new strategies, which are different for every tender submission, preparing and delivering presentation materials to the clients and leading the set-up process of the successful tender.

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