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Yanto Sukri | Colliers | Jakarta

Yanto Sukri

Senior Associate Director

Information & Technology

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Professional Summary

Yanto possessed wide range of skills in Information and Technology such as Java J2EE, Prolog, Pascal, Web technologies, Web builder software and databases. He’s responsible to ensure all of the update of Colliers’ software and hardware as well as in the development of IT technology to help obtaining company’s objectives.


Master Degree of Computer Science from Technical University of Berlin, 1992 - 1998

Featured News

Aug 23, 2021

Meet our Expert: Yanto Sukri

EXPERT SPOTLIGHT: Yanto Sukri As the head of the IT Department at Colliers Indonesia, Yanto is aware of how the IT sector keeps evolving. He always makes time for himself and the team to update their knowledge to ensure that the team keeps up with ever-evolving technology. How did you get involved in the IT industry? I have been in this industry since 1999. In high school, I learned Pascal programming and joined a computer course to learn about computer hardware. I was excellent at math; and little did I know that math is the foundation of computer science studies, so it really helped me to learn at university. Then, I became more interested in IT, hence, why I decided to take computer science studies as my major at university. I enhanced my programming language skills, such as Java and Prolog, while working on projects at university. However, I added to my skills by later focusing more on infrastructure, networking, hardware, and business applications. How long has it been since you joined Colliers and how long have you been in the real estate industry? How would you describe your role at Colliers? I got involved in this industry when I joined Colliers in 2008. Around that time, Colliers needed an IT manager to oversee the IT consolidation process between Koll IPAC and Colliers. The IT consolidation process was challenging and had to be handled properly because each company had different IT systems. At Colliers, I am responsible for everything related to IT, such as email, communications system, internet access, and systems access. My team handles user support hardware and software. Last but not least, we also developed the intranet platform that has been used at Colliers since 2004. Why do you think it’s important to collaborate in your personal career? In IT, most of our responsibilities include developing modules and finding solutions to the business process. Usually, the one who understands the business process is the user, hence, why we need to be collaborative so that we can understand the process and develop a system according to the user's needs to make sure that the system will be created as needed. What is the biggest challenge you have faced while working as the head of Colliers IT? In my opinion, the biggest challenge that I have faced while working here was the IT consolidation between Koll IPAC and Colliers back around the time I joined Colliers. At that time, we had to do the company's rebranding and it was hard enough to combine the information system and the modules that the two companies had from different divisions. Also at that time, Colliers was located in three different locations, even though these were still in the Jakarta area. It took more than a year to consolidate the company’s system. As we know, technology keeps growing fast, so how do your team keep up with that? Yes, we are aware that technology has grown compared to when I first got into this sector – and it will keep growing. Therefore, my team and I always set aside spare time to refresh our skills and keep up with updates. Usually, we get the learning material from Colliers University and also various websites, especially the material for the IT, programming and mobile application industry that grows fast. There were times when we don’t have mobile programming skill and we decided to hire a freelancer to hold a knowledge transfer activity for the team so we could develop our skills and knowledge. Apart from that, we sometimes have a learning class session and invite people who have special skills in this industry to teach us by conducting hands-on training and coaching. If you were not working in this sector in the beginning of your career, what do you think you would be doing now? Before I worked in this industry, I was interested in mechanical engineering. Maybe if I were not working in IT, I would probably work as a mechanical engineer. What do you do when you are not at work, and why do you enjoy it? I don’t have a specific hobby, but I love to spend my time with my family. Therefore, in my free time, I would love to bring my family to get some fresh air by enjoying nature in the Sentul or Bogor area.
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