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Workplace Advisory

Rethinking our offices before we return

Nowadays, when around the world at some places more, at others less severe restrictions are in force, everything seems uncertain and unpredictable. We ourselves experience pressure both at work and in our private life and thus increasingly feel the need to create a workspace where colleagues are safe and feel safe. The key questions that most leaders would ask are the following:


  • How do we see the future of our office based on the latest experience in home office?
  • What kind of cleaning and maintenance practices should be used in order to ensure our own health and safety and that of our employees?
  • What kind of physical and design changes do we need to perform at our workspaces?
  • What types of new attitudes should we expect from our employees and what kind of new behavioural patterns should be encouraged?
  • How do we create a sense of safety and convey it to our employees?
  • In what phases the return can be scheduled?



Our Workplace Advisory team is ready to help and support you to properly plan and prepare a decision that enables employees to return to and safely reunite at the office in short order.
During the process, we provide your organization with support and assistance in performing the following key tasks so that you can return to work as soon as possible:


  • We examine the specific characteristics of the existing office, taking local regulations, working methods and habits into account. With your cooperation we aim to develop a new workspace utilization model*, analysing how many people can stay at the office at same time, which workstations can be used simultaneously, how employees can move around and we determine the appropriate routes, and so on.
  • We examine and help review the experience of working from home as a result of the current situation, and the possibilities and conditions of maintaining home office work. The opportunity of working from home helps maintain proper distance, intermittent presence at the same time and at the same workspace.
  • We examine and analyse the behavioural patterns and routines of employees in and on the way to the office, and develop a framework including a safe routine.
  • We review the operational and maintenance work of the existing building and leased premises, make recommendations regarding how to use of the office building, introducing temporary policies for using the elevator, cleaning common area, and so on.
  • We prepare a cleaning and operational guide, and with your help elaborate its details considering how to ensure and monitor adequate hygienic protection on an individual level and make it visible in internal communication in order to reduce individual stress levels and increase safety.
  • We assist you in integrating a sustainable and operable framework and toolkit that meets the highest local health and WELL standards and expectations.
  • We help develop an appropriate crisis management and communication framework for managers and employees so as to ensure that all participants return to the office with due confidence and safety.

We all agree ** that in the current situation we value our office more. Although the crisis has affected many previous fundamental rules, working methods and routines, our workspace and its community continue to represent a high added value for us all. The workplace has become a stronger motivating factor in building communities, strengthening relationships between colleagues and consolidating corporate culture than ever before.


The Colliers team is here to help you to return to your existing office where employees are safe and feel safe. All of the steps listed above are part of a short-term framework that can be followed by a medium- and long-term framework.

* Based on our measurements, in an average office space only 60% of workstations or even less can be used safely at the same time.
**Based on our Global Working from Home Survey.

Meet our Workplace Solutions professionals!

We provide tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of each Client.

The key to achieving a successful outcome for our Clients is to provide a tailor-made solution that meets the needs of each Client, whether they are a major corporation or a private business, a start-up operation or a long-established national, regional or local authority.


Our Services

  • complete office project management from the assessment of clients’ needs to the final move in, option for tenant representation for certain required phases only is provided as well
  • revision of lease, renegotiation of lease, presentation of competitive options, lease renewals, demonstration of alternative solutions, development of negotiation strategy
  • strategy for handling economic crisis through office lease - cost saving, more efficient operations, decrease of premises - analysis of total lease expenses and alternatives,
  • recommendation for optimum solution
  • sublease based on appointment
  • service charge audit
  • office market research on forecasts and trends
  • real Estate market reports, analysis and research

Our compensation structure is primarily success fee based, however for certain consultancy services we implement fix or daily-based fee.