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Supporting employee health and wellness in India

ESG Case Study Bengaluru Office 2 426x600


In July 2020, more than 180 employees moved into our new flexible office space in one of India’s largest corporate centres. The state-of-the art location is designed to drive productivity and collaboration, catering to the needs of both our people and our clients while proactively addressing the challenges of COVID-19. The office is centred around the notion that “we shape spaces that shape us.”


Our objective was to create an environment that promotes wellness and community, including:

  • Walls that permit sunlight to reach most rooms, connecting staff to landscaped gardens and reducing indoor lighting needs
  • Occupancy sensors that turn off lights when conference rooms are not in use
  • Improved air quality through biophilic design, connecting people and nature
  • Customizable ergonomic furniture to support the physical health of employees, including sit/stand desks
  • Face recognition technology for touchless access to offices
  • Cool colours and subtle lighting to support mental health.