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Fuel your growth with data-driven insights

Whether you are a landlord, tenant or investor, market intelligence is vital in making the best decisions for your business. When it comes to real estate strategy, you require high quality and customisable market research as well expert analysis to help you successfully buy, sell, lease or develop a property.

The Research team at Colliers undertakes regular research and advisory services for clients across the Croatian, Slovenian and Bosnian and Herzegovina real estate market. Our predominant focus is on the hotel, office, retail, residential, logistics and industrial sectors. 
Our knowledge is supported by years of experience and highly developed analytical methods, which support your decision making processes, identifying opportunities and threats and possible scenarios resulting from changing market conditions.

Services provided by the Research & Consultancy Department include:
Economic analysis and market studies of the real estate market 
Feasibility studies
Highest and best use analyses
Market research reports
Tailor made reports.

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Real estate markets are ever-changing dynamic systems. A lease that was competitively priced six months ago could be now over-priced or under-priced. An experienced research team can provide vital insights that can help you make the right strategic business decision. 
Whether you’re satisfied with your existing lease or pursuing alternative options,  our market intelligence can tell you whether your current lease is competitive with current rates. If you are planning long term budgets, our research team can provide a projection of future lease rates in your current building or other venues of interest. If you are interested in relocating, we can provide an assessment of the potential to sublease your existing space or provide data to help narrow down the optimal location for your business.
When it comes to real estate, even the most seemingly minute decisions can translate to significant profits or losses. Property owners armed with relevant data and market context are empowered to make better decisions.
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Market Overview Croatia H1 2022

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Market Snapshot H1 2022 Slovenia

Market Overview Slovenia H1 2022

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Market Overview Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020

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