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Luxury Residences and Resorts

We recognize the needs, current and future trends on the second-home market 

Our Luxury Residences & Resorts Services is for investors and developers who are developing luxury real estate projects (second-home), as well as for those who want to buy a luxury property for private or business use. 

We support developers every step of the process – from finding land for the development of luxury projects, through pre-development and development advisory, support in obtaining financing, project management, and marketing and sales – of individual luxury villas, houses, apartments, and the whole projects. 


Luxury Residences and Resorts

Our Luxury Residences & Resorts Services include:

  • Defining the vision, goals, concept, and product mix of luxury villas and residences
  • Assessment of the location you choose to develop your second-home project, as well as second-home market assessment
  • Business planning, assessment of options, and feasibility studies
  • Project management, operations, and investors and operators financing 
  • Creation and implementation of marketing and sales strategy
  • Defining and targeting the customers, taking care of the whole sale process of the villa(s) or resorts
  • Second-home brokerage, for both seller and buyer 

Second-home Market

We recognize the market needs, current and future trends, and we are aware of the strong interest of international developers in second-home or mixed-use resorts that include residential and second-home components. 

The definition of second-home real estate is quite broad, but it includes all additional real estate properties that an individual owns, whether it is apartments, vacation houses, or luxury villas, which are used occasionally. The demand key drivers for this type of real estate are favorable climate, beautiful nature, gastronomy, authenticity, history, culture, security and the yield.

In the last ten years, the entire Adriatic region has seen an increase in popularity, which has also led to an expansion of accommodation capacity. As the cities began to develop, the interest of investors began to grow, and this region became an extremely popular destination for luxury, mixed-use investments. Given the heightened interest, demand in this segment still outstrips the available supply. Although there has been an increase in the interest of developers and clients, as well as increased market needs, when we talk about hotel accommodation capacities, the greatest potential for development is those capacities fall into the luxury category.


Why Colliers?

We have deep knowledge of the local luxury residences and resorts market, as well as the last trends – both locally and globally.

By hiring Colliers' Luxury Residences and Resorts team, you will get a business partner focused on cooperation and a personalized approach. We perform our work responsibly, conscientiously, and professionally, respecting your wishes and time limits. Our team of experts is always at your disposal and we strongly believe in quality and joint achievement of goals.

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