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Landlord Representation

Leading agency services for your commercial property in Croatia, Slovenia & BiH

Whether you own or manage an office building, retail space, shopping center, industrial/logistics property - our recommended commercial real estate advisory for agency services can help you attract the best tenants to your property. 

Every property has a story — a unique combination of history and strengths that a property owner or landlord can leverage to maximise a building’s value

Our Occupier Services team can help you unlock your property’s potential and position your property in a way that attracts and secures the right tenants. 

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Our commercial real estate advisors and agents will provide you with a range of services:

  • Owner representation when finding new tenant or renegotiation on a lease extension 
  • Creating and implementing marketing strategies
  • Consulting and conceptual design for (re-)development and repositioning
  • Assistance and advice in property acquisition or disposal
  • Detailed market and location analysis based on in-depth research and market knowledge
  • Negotiating new and current leases
  • High quality leases based on investment strategy
  • Lease management
  • Regular market and activity reporting in line with your requirements

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How can I distinguish my building from other properties in the market?

Cultivating and highlighting your property’s unique amenities requires a nuanced understanding of the property, the local environment and the market at large. It is important to showcase the benefits of adjacent tenants and services, as leasing space to complementary businesses can foster a sense of community that can make a property more desirable.

While some selling points are obvious, our Landlord Representation team can identify differentiators that may be overlooked.


How does my long-term investment strategy affect the lease objectives for my property?

Depending on whether you’re planning to own a building for the long term, or are interested in selling the property within the next few years, it drastically impacts the type and length of leases you offer your tenants. As long term investment strategies guide scheduling for capital improvements, we can help you develop a management strategy that will meet your future objectives without sacrificing present profits.

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