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Capital Markets

Make your real estate investments work smarter

Colliers has the global relationships to help elevate the return on your commercial real estate investments. We will partner with you to determine your optimal investment strategy, whether market conditions dictate that you should buy, sell, hold or refinance. 

Our Capital markets team has direct access to fresh capital throughout our global platform, as well as our relationships with local sources. This, combined with our in-depth knowledge of local market opportunities, gives our clients a strategic advantage when they invest locally, regionally or globally.

We advise investment transactions in all commercial real estate sectors: Hotel, Retail (shopping centers, retail parks, big-boxes), Office, Logistics, Land for development.

We can connect you with the people you need to know — owners, developers as well as local and institutional investors. We know our local market intimately and constantly keep our ears to the ground to identify outstanding investment opportunities. We work closely together to form a seamlessly integrated platform that brings together capital and top quality assets - regardless of the geographical distance between them.

Our core investment services in Croatia include sell or buy side mandates for commercial real estate and land for development. 

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On 23rd September our Colliers Capital Markets leaders from around the world came together to discuss the current trends, challenges, and opportunities for the Real Estate industry. Our experts also provided their views of What’s Next? for the investment market in Q4 and beyond. Click here to watch the live recording.
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By working with Colliers, you maximise the time you invest. More than just a transactional resource, we are strategic advisors who will work creatively for your success. 
We’re passionate about what we do and we build our client relationships on a foundation of memorable service and enduring trust. 
From due diligence on investment opportunities to robust marketing campaigns, Colliers has the global clout you need to deliver measurable results on your investments. 

Get clear global perspectives and far-reaching investment strategies

We offer real estate investment advisory services

Our Investment Advisory Services team has the expertise you need to strengthen your financial portfolio through the full life cycle of property acquisition, asset management and disposition. By defining a tailored investment strategy to capture and validate every investment opportunity option, we will lead you through the due diligence process to ensure a successful conclusion. 

Throughout your ownership of an asset, we can elevate and maximise your property value. When the appropriate investment cycle arrives, our professional team can advise you on the best strategy to generate interest in your property and meet your investment objectives.


If you have commercial property for sale or you want to invest in commercial properties - our team is here to support you all the way

Our Capital Markets team specialise in the sale and acquisition of single property or real estate portfolios across the office, industrial, retail and hotels asset classes. We support our clients through every step of the process to ensure they achieve the commercial real estate investment objectives. 
Our team are experts structuring the right sales strategy to access global investors and capital sources, de-risk the process and achieve the highest-possible sales price. Our deep local and global relationships and extensive track record means we know all the groups with the capacity to transact high value transactions. Through these relationships we also connect clients to the best investment opportunities across all sectors, supporting them with due diligence and support throughout the sales process.

Sale & Leaseback - sale your property and sign a long term lease agreement

Sale & Leaseback is a transaction in which the owner of the company, who is also the owner of the property in which he operates, sells the property and at the same time signs a long-term lease agreement with the new property owner to continue his own business. Sale & Leaseback has proven to be a powerful tool for unlocking the capital which can be used for: 

  • Investing in the core business, e.g. business expansion, inventory, or debt payment;
  • New investment opportunities that are not closely related to the core business, but will provide future income even in times of crisis.

Our owner-occupied clients are increasingly interested in selling their property and lease it back on favorable, flexible long-terms leases. Our Capital Markets team are experts in these types of transactions, and they have completed a great number of sale and leaseback transactions across every asset class. Delivering premium results for sale and leaseback transactions requires a specialist skill-set beyond traditional investment sales experience. We know how to strike the balance between protecting our clients’ long-term interests while maximising the value of the asset.


Commercial property valuation of all property types

An accurate real estate valuation is essential to validate a potential investment or secure the debt and equity financing to support an investment strategy. 
Throughout the process of an acquisition and disposal, we partner closely with our valuation and appraisal experts to ensure an accurate valuation that reflects a solid understanding of the property and the broader market dynamics. Whether you require a single asset valuation, a comprehensive portfolio valuation, a lease vs. buy analysis or arbitration and consulting, our team of experts will deliver the insights you need through clear, concise and timely reporting.

We are leading commercial property advisors in Croatia, Slovenia & Bosnia and Herzegovina

We generate value and save you time by pairing you with the right people and the right opportunities anywhere in the world. We act as your partner and will help you navigate the complex landscape of investing, utilising a dynamic set of financing resources to simplify the buy and sell process, and deliver success.

From due diligence on investment opportunities to robust marketing campaigns, Colliers has the global clout you need to deliver measurable results on your commercial real estate investments. 
We love what we do and at Colliers we pride ourselves on exceeding clients’ expectations.  

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