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Workplace Solutions

Office design as business accelerator

View your office space through the prism of business objectives, organisational culture and its functions.

Whether you want to enhance your work environment, review your business model or change headcount, increase employee engagement and become an employer of choice, our Workplace Solutions team is here to provide you with office design services.

Let us be your partner in making your office work harder for your goals, brand and your business processes.

Discover your post COVID 19 workplace
  • Tenant Advisory
    Increased efficiency and employee engagement
  • Scope
    Optimisation of space and reduction of costs
  • Projects
    Better employee health and well being
  • LProject Management
    Workplace design according to your brand

Our workplace design services include:

Conceptual phase of workplace design
Work process and space analysis
Defining the strategy for workplace that suits your objectives and vision
 Workplace design phase 
Successful workplace transformation aligning with people, place and technology
Defining the workplace design and budget
Execution phase 
Setting up and launching project team
Ensuring all solutions meet with the agreed objectives

How can workplace design contribute value to my business?

Our Workplace Solutions services benefit you by increasing efficiency and employee engagement through the creation of a functional and stimulating working environment.
Through the efficient and creative use of space in accordance with modern technology and available solutions, we can optimise workspace and reduce costs significantly.

To attract and inspire top talent, many companies are taking a cue from research that highlights the importance of a vibrant workplace that prioritises employee health and well being. As changes naturally occur in your real estate portfolio, a comprehensive workplace design strategy can help you uncover opportunities to lower health care costs, drive productivity, increase engagement and improve recruitment. Our team of experts apply a structured process to make your workplace a welcoming, productive environment.


How can Colliers experts help my company?

Our modern approach to workplace design integrates the knowledge and experience of property advisers, architects and business analysts. 

Within Workplace Solutions services, Colliers can guide you through the whole process:
 Selecting and / or adjusting the office space
 Analysing business processes and plans
 Preparing a preliminary design
 Supervising the implementation of the project
 Equipment supply
 Coordination of the office relocation that is fully customised to your needs and in line with your wishes, all intending to maximise the efficiency of your business processes.


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