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Workplace Advisory and Consulting

Expert advisory across Asia Pacific to deliver a highly productive workplace aligned to your business needs.


Building the right workplace for your business – and your employees

Your workplace is vital to the success of your company — impacting culture, recruitment and employee productivity and wellness. Our workplace advisory specialists align your company goals and culture with your physical space to create a healthy workplace culture and communicate your organisational values to your clients. 

We utilise the latest research, along with our field-tested set of proprietary tools and methods, to create workplace and wellness solutions that address your unique business and cultural needs, and deliver highly productive workplace for your enterprise.

New Workplace Strategies

We will design a program that will lead to your success in your new dynamic work environment.

Leveraging our 4D process, we will include strategies for technology, training, home office set-up, policies, and cultural advisement. We will deliver a playbook that your architect and project management partners can use to design your new spaces based on your evidence and supported by metrics that are specific to you.

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Assessments & Workshops

We have a set of tools and methods designed to help you understand your situation in the light of quickly changing situations.

  • SmartSpace Assessment helps you make decisions about your workplace and location to maximize your ability to attract and keep talent
  • One-Day Workshop is a highly interactive, tech-based way to explore issues and options and get to decisions fast
  • Workplace Strategy Assessment examines your current strategy and scores it against a set up criteria that have been shown to be key divers of success

These assessments provide the right data, displayed simply, so you can make fast, accurate decisions and build strong business cases to move forward.

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Back-to-Work Navigator

The Back-to-Work Navigator uses a video walk-through of your space to provide specific recommendations for your unique situation. Our experts examine 15 different space types and provide recommendations for your workplace in 5 key areas:

  • Design
  • Behaviors
  • Navigation and Communications
  • Technology
  • Hygiene and Cleaning

We will also provide a high-level cost estimate for the changes we recommend. Our recommendations are based on what we have learned from our clients around the world, our extensive in-house research, and published guidelines from leading health organizations including the World Health Organization. We can deliver our customised report to you in 48 hours.

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Workplace Expert

Workplace Expert is an online tool to help businesses take the first steps in shaping their future workplace strategy.

Based on responses to questions about your company's goals, working patterns and drivers behind your brand and operating culture, Workplace Expert is designed to provide you with insights into the type of office environments that will optimise your business and people performance, and potential configurations that are tailored specific to your business needs and priorities.

Access Workplace Expert today to explore your optimal future workplace for your organisation and people to accelerate your success.

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